Surfer’s Paradise: birthday shenanigans, theme parks and partying

IMG_20160511_150904My title pretty much sums up Surfer’s Paradise. it was an intense few days. I have been to Surfer’s before. I was going to skip it but I didn’t do all the theme parks and I didn’t really experience the nightlife.

After getting the Greyhound from Byron Bay, I arrived in Surfer’s early evening. My hostel was awesome with a great crowd and staff, and just a chilled place to be. While checking in, they told me about their night out, which I was definitely going to do as it entered into my birthday. DCIM101GOPRO

Once I had scoffed some food down, I got ready for the night out. At the hostel, we played some killer pool and mingled before heading out to Sin City. I hung out mostly with a group of English guys and a few German girls. As it was my birthday, I got a free large cocktail and some fellow backpackers brought me a shot at midnight. It wasn’t busy but it was a good night of dancing. When we left the club, we decided to chill by the lake with a couple of them smoking weed.

It’s my birthday day!!DCIM101GOPRO

The following morning, I woke up early to speak to my mum and then take advantage of the free breakfast. After showering and sorting myself out, I got the bus to Movie World theme park.

Movie world was a little smaller than expected but there was still plenty to do to fill my day. I wandered around to get my bearing then queued up for the Green Lantern ride, which was a roller coaster with twists and turns, and bit of going upside down. As it wasn’t peak times, the park was quite empty so there was not so much lining up.

After I saw the Stunt Driver show, which was pretty epic. They made it like they were filming a trailer and got people involved. The cars where spinning and zooming all over the place. IMG_20160510_101216

Then I went on most of the rides around the park. There was a scooby-doo ride which was a coaster in the dark, going forward and backwards speedily. The superman ride goes zero to 100km per hour in two seconds so your face is squashed back. I decided to go on the batman ride even though I don’t normally like the tower rides but this one was actually alright. I think it’s because it shoot you up rather than down. Some of the other rides included a shooting laser ride, a water log ride and a kids section. I watched a 4D screening of loony toons, where the seats moved, water got squirted in my face with all the effects of the 3D glasses.

Throughout the day, there was various movie characters wandering around, making a scene and giving photo opportunities.

For lunch, I grabbed a spinach and ricotta roll and a tasty but sickly peanut butter shake with cream. IMG_20160511_120202

Once I had eaten, I went on the rides for a second time before returning to my hostel to chill by the pool. The hostel were doing a pizza dinner so I took advantage and ate as much as I could. Even before we started eating, the drinking games started with goon pong the onto flip cup, which just gets everyone involved. Then all of the backpackers sung me ‘happy birthday!’, which was embarrassing but really sweet. Then we headed to beer garden, where they gave me $30 worth of vouchers for being a birthday girl.  Sweet! Plus chugging of pints. We danced the night away!

After getting to bed at 4.30 and a couple of hours sleep, I rose from my bed to consume some food then headed to Seaworld for the day.

The bus to get to all these places are so simple. You just buy a go card from 7 eleven which costs $10 then the bus to regularally departing the bus stops in Surfer’s. It’s so much cheaper to use a go card then paying for each individual trip.DCIM101GOPRO

Once I arrived at Seaworld, I headed through the barriers to be warmly welcomed by a huge lake, several sea creature statues and a few rides in the distance. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss any shows (which in the end, I did but oh well) so I kind of planned for the day. I wandered through the park to see where everything was and then headed to the dolphin arena, where I found out more about dolphins and watched them do some tricks. They pushed people with their noses across the lake, did some twists, turns and jumps, and waved at the audience. One girl got to meet, feed and stroke one of the dolphins.

After, I walked around the park, admiring the different sea animals including seals, fish, rays, polar bears. I could stroke some of the hard starfish and slimy rays. One of my favourite parts was looking through the glass underwater, where I saw so many tropical fish, sharks, mandarays, turtles and other creature that I don’t even know the name of. I also went into the penguin area and teased one of the Penguins with my go pro, which was just hilarious as it was following it by walking and tilting it’s headIMG_20160511_125104.

I went on the two rides in the park, which was a small log ride and a water roller coaster, which were both really fun. The only annoying thing is that these parks make sure you can’t go on one ride which any belongings so you are forced to pay $2 for a 1 hours locker.

Just before leaving the park, I went to find the Dolphins again for one last look.

When I got back to the hostel, I chilled a bit by the pool before having a walk along the beach to the Main Street. The view was just incredible with the sun setting. Back at the hostel, I sat on the benches chatting with others. I wasn’t sure whether to go out or not but in the end I decided to, to carry on celebrating my birthday. It was the big night out.

After eating some dinner and getting ready, we played some pre drink games including slap cup and ping pong bounce. We climbed onto the coach, which took us to the first bar. We just kind of mingle and drank. For the rest of the night, we danced and mingled some more before I headed back to the hostel. It was such a good night. DCIM101GOPRO

My last day in Surfer’s paradise, I consumed some breakfast and packed my bag. I hopped on a bus to Wet n Wild park, which is just next to Movie world. I knew I was a getting a bus later on the the day so I wouldn’t have too much time. Actually it wasn’t too big.

I realised I would have to rent a locker, which cost a disguising $10 for the day but I had no choice. I kind of just wandered around the park, laying by the wave machine and jucuzzis for most of my time there. I did, however, go on a few water slides but some of them. There were the standard tube water slide but also different type of rubber ring flumes. The best and diffeniety the most scary ride I’ve been on in a long time was the sudden drop. Basically, you were a board on your back and swimmers and stand in a tube. Then the countdown begins. 3…2…1… And the floor is relished below you and you drop vertically down the ride then loop in the dark.myou can’t see anything as itis enclosed and water is flying everywhere. It was IMG_20160511_133421incredible. I also bumped into two guys I had met in Byron Bay.

When I got back to the hostel, I played some uno with some of the people I made friends with before heading to the Greyhound for the next part of my journey.

Surfer’s paradise… It’s been a pleasure again with a memorable birthday of crazy nights out and theme parks.

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