Byron Bay: beaches, lighthouse and Nimbin


After the overnight bus, which was actually pretty decent, I arrived at my first stop: Byron Bay. On the Greyhound, I met a Swedish guy, who I ended up hanging out with him for the day.IMG_20160507_104944

With a shuttle bus waiting, I hopped on to get a lift to the Bryon Bay Resort, which was about 15 minutes walk away along the beach from the main town. I ate some breakfast then chilled at the hostel for a bit before heading out for the morning.

Walking along the golden sand with the sea oozing between my toes as the tide slid away was just bliss. From the main beach, I carried on leisurely strolling around the cape to the most easterly point of main land Australia. On the way up, we stopped to admire the IMG_20160507_092938surfers and kayakers and amazingly in the distant I could see packs of dolphins swimming in the ocean without a care in the world. This was totally a highlight, I had never seen actually dolphins in the wild.

Once we got to the top near the lighthouse, we found out we could go up to the top of the working lighthouse and see the beautiful view in both direction. The tour person was very informative and pointed out different sea life including sharks, rays, mandarays and turtle. Looking through her binoculars, I could spot many creature cleanly.IMG_20160507_114048

On the way back to the main beach, we saw Tallows beach and sat on a paragliding ramp taking in the sunning view. Through a forest and back on to the beach, we went back to our accomodation to make some lunch, which I needed after a 10km walk and checked in.

In the afternoon, I laid on the beach in the sun and fell asleep as I was feeling tired from lack of  sleep on the bus. Then we walked back into town to grab a domino’s, goon and some groceries. At the hostel, a group of us sat around having some drinks and sharing stories. There was a hilariously high guy going on and on.DCIM101GOPRO

The following day, I decided to take a tour to Nimbin, a small town about one hour and a half away from Byron. They picked me up in a cool hippy campervan, where they played old classics all day. Nimbin is knowing for an alternative lifestyle, growing organic food and weed.

Our first stop on the tour was a waterfall, which was a slight disappointment but mainly because we were standing overlooking the top so couldn’t really see. Also there wasn’t an option to swim in the waterfall, which would have been better. IMG_20160508_110429Then they took us to an old railway pub for a drinking before getting to Nimbin. It was kind of a strange place: it was small and eerie with not much going on. We wandered around looking in the souvenir, book and weed shop. People were passing us the street saying ‘cookies’. Some of the people I was with  decided to buy some weed. In the back of many shops you could easily exchange $20 for 2g. Also, some brought some off a toothless woman on the street, carefully giving it to them without being seen, where she just gave 3 cookies in foil for $20. Another couple of girl got cookies from a lady who owned an art gallery. It was just a blizzard experience especially with there being a police station at the end of the Main Street and dodgy sellers.

We headed down to the bowling club, where a huge BBQ burger was included with salad, pineapple and sweet potato. It was so delicious. The people in Nimbin looked a bit rough but they were very friendly. We wandered around the town a bit more, looking in more IMG_20160508_130813market style shops, where two of the girls got henna tattoo.

On the way back to Byron, we stopped off to look at this rock formation. A group of us decided to chill on the beach watching the sunset.

In the evening, I headed back to my hostel and ate some food. IMG_20160508_130246We sat around chatting and drinking a little before finally making a decision to head into town. One of the girls drove us in to town so that saved walking. We danced at the beach hotel until close the tried to find another bar. Unfortunately as it was Sunday nothing was open so we walked back to the hostel in the rain before heading to bed.

My last day in Byron Bay, I was going to get up for the sunrise at the lighthouse but decided sleep was more important. After sorting myself out and eating breakfast, I walked into town to wander around and book some tours for the rest of my journey.  Before getting a shuttle with my bags, I laid with some people from the hostel and had a dunk in the ocean, which to my surprise, it was warmer than I thought.

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