Travelling life begins again… Down under

IMG_20160108_154736The last week has been filled with a mixture of emotions.

I have now been living and working in Sydney for 5 months. Where has the time gone?… I have no idea. My plan wasn’t to stay in Australia this long. It just sort of happened. Not that it’s a bad thing, just unexpected.

Leaving a place where you feel settled will always toy with your mind: newly-made friends, a house and one incredible job. I have been working as an English as a Second Languge teacher at a school, teaching foreign adults. Yes Adults… Not little kiddie winks like I’m used to. However, I have been pleasantly surprised how much I love working with them. It’s so much calmer and they want to be there to improve their English. As most of the students are similar age to me, it’s been great building new relationships, where they are IMG_20160506_163402respectful and fill the classroom with laughter. My last few days, students presented me flowers and treats to my surprise. Not just my current class but student I had taught over
the last few months. One of my students in my class decided to write me such a sweet note instead of doing the writing test. It made me laugh and just showed so much kindness and gratitude.

Once 3 o’clock striker on the clock yesterday, several students; another teacher and I headed to Malonys for a farewell drink before I was leaving. Somehow, without planning to, I met up with some students later to enjoy some nightlife at Ivy, a huge, popular club in the centre, where we danced the night away, ending at McDonalds and a long walk home. The previously week the night happened a similar way but with different students and cocktails but the same club and a long walk home.

It’s kind of felt unreal leaving a job which I love and therefore I hadn’t really been thinking about this trip.

I’d planned this adventure a couple of months ago, knowing that I was here in Australia to travel and work. I knew if I didn’t book it, time would just fly like the wind and the next moment, I would need to leave the country. My plan for this trip is to spend a month travelling from Sydney to Cairns, exploring all the east coast has to offer, then fly to Darwin, Perth and ending in Fiji before heading back to Sydney.

After a day of packing and sorting out my room, I’m now on the Greyhound bus heading to my first stop… Byron Bay. The adventure of down under begins… Which means a constant stream of blogs.

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  1. Home and Horizon
    Jul 03, 2016 @ 06:55:13

    Must have been really hard saying goodbye to your students/friends… Sounds like you’ve met some genuine people 😀


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