Thoughts about life

I’ve not written a post in a while. I’ve kind of been distant but can’t really explain in what way. I don’t feel like there has been anything worthwhile to post.

I’m a little confused about my purpose and what I’m doing especially as it’s nearing a year since I stepped foot in England. Those few days of seeing my family and friends in between journeys really just kept me going.

Over the 15 months, I’ve been living the dream: living and volunteering in South Africa, then working and travelling in Thailand for 6 months, then travelling South East Asia for 2 months and now I’ve been living and working in Australia for the past 4ish months.

I came to Sydney to carry on the adventure, explore new places and meet a friend who was living here, knowing she would be leaving in January. However, I just don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job working as an ESL teacher for adults. The students are amazing, progressing and I am just able to have conversations and fun with them.

I’ve not made as many friends as I would like, and the ones I have made are leaving the country. I know in a backpackers world, people are coming and going all the time but I think I’ve always been the one on the move so it’s never really affected me until recently. I don’t feel connected with those from home mainly because I am rubbish at keeping in contact, and they are slowly forgetting about me. That’s the life we live in.

Also, at the moment I feel like I have no purpose. In the past, there was a desire or reason why I was in the previous countries but here I feel like I’m wasting away. I’ve not got involved in a church as much as I liked for several reason: the church I’ve been going to is so big, I’ve been feeling distant from God and some other distractions. I just don’t know. I must be here for a purpose but not quite sure. I know the only thing to do is rekindle my relationship with God and step out in faith as well as be obedient to God’s plans for me.


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