Tasman: Eaglehawk Neck, Port Arthur, Cape Hauy and many beaches

IMG_20160303_101209When I reached Tasman, I went to Eaglehawk Neck, where I observed the Tessellated Pavement, Pirates Bay, Tasman arch and Blowhole. Just over the other side of Doo Town, there was a food cart selling ice-cream so I ate a berry dream,  which consisted of vanilla ice-cream with strawberries, puree and cream. It was so delicious. IMG_20160302_142705

Then I sat on an Pirate Bay beach soaking up the sun and watching a family playing and surfing. When it got to about 5pm, I went to my AirBnB accommodation, which was a farmhouse in Koonya hosted by a lovely lady. She was very welcoming and chatty.IMG_20160302_150643

In the evening, I walked to Shelley beach, ate dinner, chatted to the host and her helper then went to bed pretty early.

One of the famous things  to do in Tasmania is the three cape walk. However, I didn’t have enough time so instead I walked one of the capes on my own.IMG_20160302_150851

In the morning, I drove along a gravel path slowly to Fortescue Bay, which is I’m the Tasman National Park. From here, I started my hike to Cape Hauy. I have to tell you there were so many photo opportunities: the landscape was just breath-taking. The photos haven’t done it justice. IMG_20160303_111345

The first part of the path to the junction took me about 45 minute of walking up steps and along bush walkways but it wasn’t tiresome. The next bit to the end of Cape Hauy was loads of steps going vertical down several hills. It wasn’t too strenuous but I knew coming back, I would be breathless. Again it took me about 45 minutes to hike but I move quite quickly.

At the end, I rested and ate some prepared food. There were a few people up there. I saw a few boat toys riding around the capes and there was a guy rock climbing a tall, thin rock standing out of the water. I have no idea how he got there.IMG_20160303_131909

I then walk back to my car which was slightly exhausting climbing all those steps. On the way back, I saw a small creature with spikes on its back galloping on its legs. It was cute. I stopped and it just passed me along the path minding its own business.

Soon enough, I reached the car, where I drove back along the gravel path towards Port Arthur. I pulled off the road at a lavender garden, where I walked around and then sat with a chai latte admiring the countryside view.IMG_20160303_112524

After I went to check out Port Arthur village and historical site but decided that I didn’t want to look around the grounds.

Instead I drove to Remarkable Cave. The tide was out so a few people and climbed over to surf. I walked to the blowhole, through sandy beacb and rested there for a bit. IMG_20160303_142334

On the way back to Koonya, I took the long way round to search for white water beach, which was a beautiful sight.

In the evening, I just made dinner and chatted to the lady of the house and her helper before residing to bed.

The following day, I had a bit of a lazy start, casually IMG_20160303_155124getting ready to go out. After cooking an omelette, which I used fresh eggs from the chickens in the garden, and toast, I jumped in to the car and started my adventure for the day. I first went to a beach in the Lime Bay State Reserve, where I admired the view and wrote some postcards. As I travelled back along the gravelly road, I stopped to discover the history of the Coal Mines and see the ruins. These are linked to Port Arthur, where it was home to many convicts in the 1800.IMG_20160303_175919

After I looked around Federation Chocolate Museum, where I saw chocolate being melted then flavour added to make the bars of chocolate. I sampled a couple of different flavours. Before lunch, I walked along the Waterfall Bay route, which had amazing views of the coast and cliffs.

At lunch I treated myself to a Fishman’s cone, which had local fish, prawns, squid and scallops with chips, from the ‘award winning’ food van. It was mouth-watering and scrumptious. I’ve never tried food so good. IMG_20160304_103938

In the afternoon, I was going to visit the Tasmania Devil unzoo but for the price, i didn’t feel it was worth it so I went back to the farmhouse house and rested for the afternoon.

In the evening, I went back to Pirates Bay, just before dusk, to wait for theIMG_20160304_133825 penguins to come onshore. Unfortunately, I stayed until dark but I didn’t see any, which was disappointing. After I drove back in the dark, I arrived back at the farmhouse, which had all the lights out. It felt like I was invading someone’s house, which I kind of was.

On my last day in Tassie, I woke up early to drive the car back to Hobart as it was due back at 11am. It was another beautiful day so when I had given the car back, which was all good to my relieve, I walked down to Salamanca Market. I sat in the sun observing people in the square then in a park.IMG_20160304_122530

Early afternoon, I went to the pick up point, where I was collected to be taken to the airport. My flight back to Sydney was uneventful with me reading throughout the whole journey.


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  1. theitinerary1
    Mar 11, 2016 @ 04:30:50

    This is so beautiful 😍


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