Hobart, Tassie: Mt Wellington, Botanic Gardens and markets

IMG_20160227_141547Time for another week away: a holiday to relax, re-vitalise and explore. I’m not sure it counts as a holiday as I’m living on the other side of the world from my hometown. A holiday away from a holiday. To be fair I am working in Sydney, it’s not all fun and games.IMG_20160227_095911

Part of the reason I’m on a working holiday visa in Australia is to travel as well as work. I booked Tassie a few months back when I found some cheap flights. I want to slowly visit all the main cities in Australia.IMG_20160227_120527

Waking up at 3am is all part of the holiday experience. With blurry eyes and lack of sleep, I managed to drag myself out of bed. When I had booked a 6am flight, I checked to see if there was any public transport to the airport and there was a bus plus a ten minute walk. Stupidly, my phone automatically showed the route to the international airport which I didn’t realised until the day before I was leaving. I panicked slightly but it all worked out better than planned as I decided to take an Uber to make sure I arrived on time. Due to a promotional code, it only cost AU$5… Such a cheap deal.

IMG_20160227_121317After checking in, walking through security and waiting for the gate to open, I was soon sitting, waiting for my plane to take off. The journey seemed so quick due to having a nap. The view as we took off was amazing as the sun was beginning to rise.

Once I had landed in Hobart airport, I caught a airport shuttle bus. There are three option to get in to the city centre: taxi, shuttle bus or rent a car. It cost AU$18 one way or Au$32 return. I opted for the latter as I knew I would be returning the same way. It’s quite expensive for 25 minute drive but there did drop me off near my hostel.

As I arrived in Hobart about 8.45am, I was too early to check in so I dropped off my bag and started to think about my next few week. I went to a rent a car place to compare prices and to the tourist information to find out what I could do while I was here. I took a stroll along the harbour, gazing at the bright blue water and the sun reflect off the white shiny boats. It was just sunning.IMG_20160227_144542

I was in need of a latte so I found a little cafe to chill and plan for the next few days. I walked back along the port, where I found an information centre, promoting different places in Tassie, where I got to sample some delicious cheese. I walked around Salamanca Market, where there are over 100 stalls selling food, souvenirs, jewellery books and many other things. I didn’t buy anything but I did taste some different cheeses, fudge and  sauces. It definitely having a look.

Around the area is a square with a fountain, dessert shops and a quaint book shop, which I rummaged through. I just love book shops. However, I did feel a little homesick as the children’s section reminded me of teaching primary school kids in England and there were several travel books about England.

After I went passed the government house and cathedral to check in to my room at the hostel. From here, I went in the museum and art gallery, which was free admission. I thought it was going to be an Art gallery, which I normally love but this was a bit odd. In the side house was 3 floor giving a little history of Tasmania but I didn’t find it interesting as it’s not very old. I just found it was full of stuffed animal. The main building was two floors, again with some angry animals glaring at you, information about Antarctic and a small art gallery with old paintings in gold frames.IMG_20160227_150912

Then I walked along the coast for about 2 miles to the Botanic Gardens. Leisurely strolling around the park, observing people, plant, a waterfall and the Lillie pond was delightful. After, I laid on the grass, listening to children playing around me in the sun as the lack of sleep hit me.

When I finished at the gardens, I grabbed some food at Woolworths before cooking some dinner at the hostel. I had a chilled evening taking in the last of the sun by the port and then relaxing in bed before getting some shut eye.

The next day I woke up later than usual. I got ready for the day, cooking some pasta for lunch and eating breakfast.IMG_20160228_124345

This holiday, I was trying to be on a backpackers budget, which included a diet of muesli and pasta with pesto. It a little different travelling here in Australia than in Asia. I didn’t really have to think about the pennies being able to eat out for every meal.

Anyway, when I had finished sorting out my bag, I walked to the farmers market not too far away. There were many stalls with different food: fruit, veggies, honey, yogurt, octopus, meat and bread.

Once I had a good wander, I went to the bus stop by Franklins park to catch the 10.30am bus to Fern Tree. The ride there was extremely hilly and windy, which was good because it would be less of a climb to the Mount Wellington Pinnacle. The journey was pretty with views of beaches and hills. When I got off the bus, the chill hit me so I decided to put my leggings on before I even starIMG_20160228_132215ted.

Then I started my mission of climbing up Mount Wellington, where is decide to walk up the middle track to start. Even though it wasn’t too far, the walk was super steep working up my leg muscles. I had also sprained my ankle the week before, which I was still in a slight pain with and had a elastic support around. However, this wasn’t going to stop me climbing up this mountain. I carried on hiking until the spring, where I had a bit of rest and a snack for some energy. The pinnacle track was the next path, which was pretty narrow with trees either side. I passed several people coming down. The incredible view of Hobart peered through the tree with the blue sky. However, the weather didn’t stay nice much longer as the clouds skidded across the sky covering up the view. The zigzag part of the track was more difficult with rocks to claim and step to balance on. When I was quite near to the top, I took a rest on some rocks,  where I started talking to some older lady. As I hiked the final part, it began to drizzle with thick air blocking my view but I did see some cute wallabies nibbling on some plants.IMG_20160228_133253

At the top of Mount Wellington was a tower, a short walk and a lookout building. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that I could see anything from the top but I was still proud of myself for reaching the top. I ate lunch in the lookout and chatted to some backpackers before heading back down.

The blizzard started getting heavy as I walked down but I knew I had to go as there was only one bus I could get back to Hobart. Even though in a way it was more difficult to climb down due to the wet, wobbly rocks and an injured ankle, it didn’t take me that long to get back to the springs. Well, just over an hour. The rain had calmed down but I was feeling the cold.  From here I took a slightly different route, down the Reid track to the Silver Falls, which was a small waterfall. The rest of the track was almost flat.IMG_20160228_153622

As I had descended a lot quicker than planned, I order a chai latte in the local pub to warm up. At 5am, I took the last bus back to Hobart. In the evening, I just ate dinner and chilled as I was feeling exhausted.

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  1. Anne
    Mar 07, 2016 @ 10:23:58

    Hope you make some friends Jess, Have a superb time in Aus. Take care of yourself. Anne B. Xx


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