Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

IMG_20151229_181656In between Christmas and New Year, myself and a friend decided to take a trip to the sunny Gold Coast.

On boxing day, we boarded a plane to Brisbane with an easy trip from my house. Sydney still has public transport on public holidays, which is weird as in Britain we don’t. When we arrived in the airport there, we debated how we were going to get to our hostel in Surfer paradise. With limited options, we decided to hop onto a private van that took us directly there, even though it did take a couple of hours.

After checking into our hostel with a pool and tennis court, we wandered along the coast to see the spectacular beach views. We walked to the Main Street in Surfers Paradise, which was full of souvenir shops and restaurants. After contemplating for a while, we decided to get fish and chips for dinner and sit on a bench facing the sea. Once we had strolled back, we had a pretty early night as we were exhausted from travelling.

As you may know from previous posts, I like to plan my days and pack them in as much as possible but as I was having a holiday with a friend I knew it would be totally different. She has a completely different style of travelling where she decides on the day what to do and likes to not do so much.

The following day we woke up with no plans and no idea what to do. The weather forecast was going to be good so it wasn’t the sort of day for sunbathing on the beach. After flicking through a few booklet, I decided to go to a large market not too far away. It was a bit of a strange market with odd things for sale and not real structure to the place but it was nice to exploring a bit. Opposite was an Aldi and a groceries so we manage to buy a huge slice of watermelon for such a cheap price. We looked a bit strange eating it though.

In the afternoon, my friend had a nap while I tried to read by the pool and chat to other traveller but unfortunately the rain kept appearing so I had to keep running inside.

In the evening, we walked along the beach and sat there for a while staring in the ocean. Not long later, the black cloud swept closer turning the sky dark forcing us to take cover in Starbucks until the rain stopped. On the way back, we decided to eat at a vegetarian Indian buffet place, which was delicious. When we got back to our hostel, we brought ticket for the biggest theme Park in Australia. I was so excited to go. IMG_20151228_100851

The day we got up pretty early to catch the bus to DreamWorld, which was about 30 minute bus ride away. Once we collected our tickets, the fun began jumping from ride to ride: roller coasters, swings, water flumes, twist and turns and being upside down. Before lunch we managed to go on

The queues for the rides weren’t too bad and the area was under shelter so there was no way I was going to get burnt. For lunch, we chilled and share a meal of fish and chips, a slurpee and Krispy Kreme Donut. Afterwards, we went to see a short film of Puss in Boots on a large cinema screen to let our lunch go down. Then, we watched a live Madagascar show, which was aimed at kids but I just loved in. For the rest of the afternoon, I went on a few more rides while my friend went to the water park attached to relax. At about 7 o’clock, we had to leave to get the last bus to the hostel. In the evening, we just cooked some food and had an earlyish night. IMG_20151228_101016

On our last full day in Surfers Paradise, we did something Gold Coast is famous for: surfing. I hadn’t had a surf lesson before and so I was extremely excited about the prospect. After a leisurely morning routine, we walked to the shop where we were going to have our lesson. We changed into a wet top and waited for other peopl to arrive. There was around 20 people joking in with the surf lesson from young children to older adults. Carrying the surf board to the beach was a bit of a struggle. We had to hold two with one person and I front and the other one behind. My arms hurt even before I started. When we found our spot on the golden sand, the instructor demonstrated how to lie and stand on the board repeating all the jargon to remember the routine. After, we were able to have a go in the water but due to the weather being windy and the sea being rough, only a few people at a time were allowed to practice at a time. In the water, it wasn’t too hard moving on the surf boardinghouse horizontal position but standing on the board was a totally different matter. It was so much fun and I would love to carry on learning this skill. IMG_20151229_120822

On the way back to the hostel, we stopped to grab lunch at a pancake house, where we could eat as many pancakes with maple syrup as we wanted. During the afternoon, I chilled by the pool at the hostel, chatting to others, between the sporadic rainfall. Later on, we headed to Surfer Paradise observation deck with a guy, we had just met. The view from the tower was incredible, looking onto the strip of beaches, mountains in the distance and the high buildings along the shore.

As we were heading back to the hostel, we grabbed some goon to drink at the hostel. Once we cooked dinner, five of us from our room joined together to form a team for the quiz night. We really didn’t do well but because of the bonus rounds in between, we managed to come second. Some people were taking the quiz so seriously that they were getting naked and flinging bras to earn extra points. It was hilarious!

After the quiz, we went back to our room to get ready and play a few drinking games. Four of us decided to indulge in some night life, dancing the night away. In the early hours of the morning, we returned but tIMG_20151226_171026wo of the travellers though it would be a great idea to have sex in the bottom bunk. Fortunately for me, I fell straight into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
After a lazy morning, we packed our stuff and went to the greyhound station to transport us to the airport. The rest of our journey was pretty smooth and we soon arrived in familiar territory of Sydney the day before New Year’s Eve.

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