Kuta, Bali: last day of travelling Asia

IMG_20151118_125940After a long drive back to Kuta, I found my hostel in the back streets with loads of local food.I wandered around the street to find some food.IMG_20151118_151234

The evening was a bit random, where I hung around with a few English guys, some Indian guys and a Balinese guy. We just stayed up to the early hours of the morning drinking beer and chatting. Some of the guys were trying to get some drugs, which backfired as they gave some money to the Bali guy but his friends didn’t come back with the goods.

The following day, I wandered around the main street which is just full of tourists, souvenir shops and expensive restaurant. I brought a couple of pieces of clothing before relaxing on the beach. The beach was a bit disappointing but it did have several surfers. Then I treated myself to a last cheap massage before heading to an expensive country. It was so good. I now miss having weekly massages.IMG_20151118_125902

Then I ate some food before return my motorbike . This was a sad moment for me as I knew this was the last time I was going to ride a bike for a decent amount of time. One of my favourite hobbies in Asia was driving around on a scooter, exploring and finding spectacular views.IMG_20151118_160125

After walking a couple of miles back to the hostel, I just chilled thinking about my next adventure. I had a last meal out in Bali enjoying tasty, cheap Asian food before jumping in a taxi to the airport. I cheacked in my bag, went through security and rested in the departure lounge before climbing on to the plane for a 1am flight.

I felt sad to be leaving South-East Asia and for this part of my adventure to end. I totally loved Ubud and being here in Bali. I am going to missing you Asia but I was looking forward to living in a new country and meeting my friend from England.

My next blog will be in Australia. So long Asia.


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