Kuala Lumpur: Batu Caves and exploring the centre

IMG_20151112_153510Waking up super early to grab a taxi to the airport was not my sort of fun but I managed to see Krabi sunrise and the town waking up. Krabi airport is small with limited shops but I managed to get one last Thai tea before boarding my Plane to Kuala Lumpur.

I had not idea what to expect from Kuala Lumpur but I wanted to experience as many different cultures and countries as I could. Once I had landed, I collected my baggage and jumped on a coach heading to the centre of town. The city was built up with a mixture of old and new building. the streets were kind of dirty but at the same time cleaner than other places. People seem to be focused and heading to a certain place without much interaction.IMG_20151111_141030

After finding my hostel, which was pretty easy with my map.me app, I was starving so I went to search for some food. I wasn’t really sure the cost of food, and after being in Thailand, I knew it would seem expensive in comparison. However, I managed to find a canteen style place, where I just asked them in simple language to cook me anything with no meat. I was given a delcious plate of fried noodles with vegetable. Full up from my lunch I started to explore the area I was staying in. I visited Sri Mahamariamman temple, Sze Ya temple, Guan Di temple and Masjid Jamek (which was under construction so couldn’t get close to it). They were all beautiful builds full of character, which signified the city of Kuala Lumpur. I accidentally came across a local market with cheap clothes, sunglasses, toys and shoes, where I brought a pair of brightly coloured Ray bands. IMG_20151111_135305

I wandered down Old Market Square and Kasturi Walk, through central market exploring all the indoor, little, unique shops and mini art galleries to Kuala Lumpur’s old railway station. I walked, which was extremely far to Perdanan Botanical Gardens, passing Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the National Mosque, Islamic Arts centre and Royal Malaysia Police Museum. The weather, while walking, was hot so I rested in the gardens with a cold Fanta. I admired the flowers and gardens before heading back to my hostel. Unfortunately, my map wasn’t correct so ended up wandering around in circles getting lost, only returning back to the gardens to find another way back. As I passed the National Museum, the heaven decided to open so I got absolutely soaked.

In the hostel, I had a shower to warm up. I ended up speaking to a girl who worked in the bar at the hostel. She recommended an Indian restaurant for dinner, where I got chapatis and a mix of different curries for a really small price. Before heading back to the hostel, I mooched around Petaling Street, which is a huge, covered road with market sellers. I would totally recommend visiting here even though the sellers can be a bit pushy. After a full day on my feet, I curled up in bed early.

The next day, I arose pretty early to go to Batu caves. At the train platform, I met a lovely older couple telling me about their adventures in SE Asia. I took a short train ride to the caves, which was at the end of the line for an unexpected cheap price.


Batu caves was a bigger area than I expected. It’s one of Malaysia’s most distinctive geographical features, where the labyrinth of spooky caves  are found within the country’s limestone abutments. There are three main caves: Temple Cave, Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave. The entrance to the main cave has a huge statute of a golden Hindu God, with steep steps up to the cave. Inside there was a temple with people worshiping and a spectacular views of the cave. All around the cave, I was slightly petrified of the aimless monkeys wandering around. Since my friend had got bitten by a monkey, I am now afraid of them. The Ramayana Cave shows the story of Rama engraved into the walls of the cave. It was an insightful and beautiful place to explore.


After heading back to the main city, I grabbed some more curry from the restaurant from the night before. Then I jumped on a free hop on- hop off bus passed the KL Tower to Petronas Twin Towers. I had been told to get a lift up to the Sky Bar for a sneaky view of the towers and park, which I can say was incredible. As I was on my own, I didn’t make a scene so I viewed them with out paying an extortionate price for drinks. I walked to Pavillion mall, which was full of Christmas decorations. This was strange for me as it didn’t feel like Christmas with the weather being so hot and not seeing anything in Thailand. IMG_20151112_115718

I returned to the hostel by bus before relaxing and skyping my sister. I went to dinner with some guys which I had met at the hostel. It was street food where you chose the meat, fish or vegetables, they barbecue it with some spicy then bring it to you with some sauces. It was so tasty.

From here, I picked up my bag and got the last train at midnight to the airport. I found out that if you got off the train in between the ticket price was half as you had to wait for the following train.IMG_20151112_151946

My flight to Singapore wasn’t until 6 in the morning but because of needing to be there 2 hours before and it taking an hour to get to the airport by taxi, i thought I would save on a nights accommodation by sleeping at the airport. I managed to find a quite spot to nap and charge my phone. I treated myself to a McDonald’s breakfast to use the last of my Malaysian money before heading to the plane.

Kuala Lumpur was an interesting and eye opening place with a completely different culture and places to visit.


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