Nha Trang, Vietnam: Mud baths and Beaches

IMG_20151027_142746Nha Trang was a busy town, where a lot of people (especially Russians) come on holiday to relax so there wasn’t too much to do here.IMG_20151026_122913

I arrived at about five in the morning, where I followed my map to find the hostel: BackPack hostel. As there were free beds, they gave me a room to sleep for a couple of hours. When I went to reception to sort some things out I bumped into an English girl I had met in Halong Bay.It’s a kind of funny story; she met some guys on the street, who happened to be the two Swedish boys I had been hanging out with.

I knew that Nha Trang was famous for there mud baths and as I hadn’t experienced this, five of us headed to the spa for some hot, messy businesses. From stepping into the baths to showering the mud off, the mud felt nice but also gross. We poured mud all over us as it is meant to be good for your skin (not sure how it works). After scrubbing of the remnants on my skin and bikini, we laid in a mineral bath to chill and chat. Here, we sunbathed, swam and ate lunch. One of the guys was trying to practice diving but just failed. I dived once but embarrassingly my strapless bikini came down (lesson learnt).received_10156242879475515

During the evening a big group of us from the hostel ate some street food, then drank on the balcony, while dancing and talking. One of the Swedish guys drank a little too much and vomited over the side, where I later found out that his mind had blanked this. It was a hilarious night.

IMG_20151027_120050The following day, while waiting for some people, one of the hostel workers wanted to practice his henna tattoo skillsĀ but miserable failed so another guy sorted it out, where I ended with a large tattoo on my leg. We went to the beach to soak up some blazing sun, sleep and enjoy swimming in the crashing waves.

After eating a Vietnamese curry and organising myself, I went to another travel agency to take the overnight bus to Ho Chi Minh, where without planning to, I got the same bus as the two Swedish guys.

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