Hoi An, Vietnam: old town, lanterns, food, beach and bicycle rides.

IMG_20151024_114016Once I got to Hoi An, I checked into a hostel, where again I bumped into people I had already met. The hostel had a pool so I lazied by it soaking up the sun and napping.

IMG_20151024_132032A group of us walked into old town in the evening to have dinner, where I had a Hoi An speciality called Mi Quang: rice noodles in soup with prawns and crispy pieces. Hoi An is a beautiful place especially at night with lights and lanterns.

I decided to return to the hostel for another early night to get rid off the cold. I was also partially scares to go out because of the horror stories I heard about the night before. Several people, who got extremely drunk, got mugged or hit or drove into by Vietnamese people after leaving this bar called ‘why not’ in the early hours of the morning. Apparently, it happens a lot here.

After a bit of a lay in and complimentary breakfast, which was a buffet of fruit, pancakes, eggs, toast and tea, I returned my bike and sorted out my bus ticket. However, when I got my big bag back, someone has been through it thoroughly. My bag wasn’t orderly. I forgot that I had left £20 plus change hidden deep with the bag. The note was gone. I suppose it could have been worst. I booked the motorbike through Google Hotel. If you want to hire a bike, don’t go through them.IMG_20151024_123145

Next I wandered old town, which was beautiful. Little, quaint, yellow building alongside the river. I met up with one of the girls from before where we visited Chinese bridge, Old Houses and Assembly Halls.The building were beautiful, sparking in the golden sun.

Old town can be a bit of a scam as they tell you, you have to buy a ticket to walk around. This is not true. You can buy a ticket for 120,000 dong and visit 5 attractions. I decided just to admire the buildings from the outside.IMG_20151024_205259

Hoi An is also famous for making suits and dresses at cheap price so there were plenty of assistant bugging me from every direction to see their shop. Due to bag space I didn’t get anything made.

A group of us, 3 from England, 1 from Ireland and an Australian had lunch along the riverside, where I ate traditional Cau Lou: noodles, tofu, vegetables. For the rest of the afternoon, I chilled at the hostel chatting to other travellers.

During the evening, we ate dinner, walked around the night market, looked at the pretty lanterns, bar hopped, played beer pong (me and the Swedish guy won) and danced around.

The next day was pretty chilled. Myself and five others (two British guys, two Swedish guys and an American girl) rented a bicycle and rode a few kilometres through the countryside to the beach to enjoy the sun and IMG_20151025_152234swim in the rough sea. I usually don’t like riding pedal bikes so this was a great achievement. Once I got back to the hostel, I sorted out my things before walking to the travel agency, where I nearly forgot my phone, to catch an overnight bus to Nha Trang. On the bus, one of the men telling us where to sit was extremely rude, shouted at several travellers and made two girls cry. I felt akward because my seat was in the middle of one of the argument matches.

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  1. angelakoblitz
    Nov 10, 2015 @ 14:04:14

    My favourite city of Vietnam 🙂 The food is amazing and it’s great to see the sun setting in the late afternoon and wait til the light of lanterns all turning on.
    Safe travels!!!


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