Waterfalls in Luang Prabang, Laos

IMG_20151011_154129 IMG_20151011_152802As it was still the middle of the afternoon, I decided to go to Tad Sae waterfall (15,000 kip). To get here I had to take a tiny long boat (10,000 kip) across the river, which I thought would tip in. It was dodgy. While walking to the waterfall, some elephant marched passed. The waterfall was incredible with layers of rocks and water gushing over it.IMG_20151011_160217

In the evening, I just ate at the 10,000 kip buffet place and chilled.

On my last half a day in Laos, I rode 30km to the Krung Si waterfall (20,000 kip), IMG_20151012_093106which was absolutely incredible. It is probably the best waterfall I’ve ever been to and that’s saying a lot as I have been to a huge amount. There were little mounts everywhere and at the top was a huge drop with water pouring down. As I walked to the waterfall, there was a moon bear sanctuary, where there were cute bears climbing around and fighting each other. I hiked up the side of the waterfall through steep, slippery rocks, where I ended going barefoot. At the top were IMG_20151012_111146pools of water and trails around. Walking down wasn’t as steep as there were wooden steps at the side of the waterfall.

IMG_20151012_095138Once I had returned my bike, I rested for a bit at my hostel before travelling by tuk tuk to the airport. My flight to Hanoi ended up getting cancelled so I was put on the later flight but mai pen ri.

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