Luang Prabang, Laos: Phusi Mountain, Alms giving, Yoga and the night market

IMG_20151008_124834In the evening, we wandered around the night market and grabbed some street food. It was a place where you got a plate and could fill it as high as you wanted then the guy cooked it. It was all vegetarian (noodles, rice, vegetable,  tofu, battered pumpkin, potato) and only cost 10,000 kip (50 baht / £1).

IMG_20151008_095518After, we went to a chilled bar called Utopia, where there are mats and cushions on the floor, dim lighting and a volleyball court. It was full with backpackers.

When we got kicked out at 11pm as it was closing, a load of tuk tuk drivers kept saying ‘bowling, bowling’ so we followed the crowd to this place. I felt like a teenager at a disco. It was literally a bowling alley with the lights turned fully on. IMG_20151008_123055As I was with a good group of girls from England, I had such a laugh. There was a drunk Australian guy, who ended up giving us all massages and we convinced him to bowl in his underwear, which was hilarious. The workers were not amused though.

My first full day in Luang Prabang, I went to the morning market. It was full of food like a whole dead fish, pigs head, chickens feet, live toads and array of colourful vegetables. IMG_20151008_134842

After, one of the girls who live near me and I had a mango and passion fruit shake. For the rest of the day time, I wandered around town: climbing Phusi Mountain (20,000 Kip/ £2) to see the incredible view of Luang Prabang, Vat Xieng Thong Temple (20,000 kip/ £2) and the National Museum (30,000 kip/ £3). I personally feel that it was not worth see the temple as I’ve seen much better one and I was disapointed in the National Museum as there wasn’t much about Laos history, just rooms of the royal family and gifts from other countries.  IMG_20151008_143137

I had planned to do yoga but unfortunately we got the wrong time so I had dinner at the market, where I met an Irish and German guys, who joined us for the rest of the evening.IMG_20151008_194742

We went to hive bar, where they put on a fashion show of traditional Laos clothes, which was awesome to observe. I had a couple of Lao Lao cocktails (rice whiskey with orange and cranberry juice). The place had a nice atmosphere, however there were not many people here so we ended up going to Utopia for the rest of the night.IMG_20151009_062153

In the morning, I departed my bed early to observe the sunrise Alms giving ceremony, where the monks walk around the streets to collect food from the local. It was interesting to see but there were a lot more tourists up than expected. I found that certain travellers were not respectful and shoved cameras in the faces of the monks. After, I went to a 7.30am yoga session at Utopia (40,000 kip), which overlooked the Mekong River. I had never done yoga before so was a great place to start. I absolutely loved it, stretching and clearing the mind. The rest of the morning was pretty chilled with packing and having a fruit shake with one of the girls I met before driving to Vang Vieng.IMG_20151009_072630

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