Things I noticed about Yangon, Myanmar

IMG_20150920_072101Recently, I visited Yangon, Myanmar. I thought I would compile a list of personal obsevations:

  • People wanting pictures of me (a white person) – this is not uncommon in Asia but I got stopped a few times
  • Most Myanmar locals were tradition skirts including men, and make up, which is white powder all over their faces
  • Traffic is not crazy for a capital city
  • However, there are taxis everywhere but this might be due to the lack of public transportIMG_20150919_100627
  • Street vendor are all along the pavements selling mostly food
  • Myanmar people are constantly spitting on the streets
  • A vast majority of adults are chewing the red tobacco, which leaves their mouth bright red
  • A vast majority of the population have very bad, dirty teeth
  • Kids are able to buy cigarettes and alcohol in shops
  • The streets are old and not well maintained
  • There are very few modern buildings and in contrast look funny compared to the rest of the city
  • People are friendly and helpful
  • The country is poorer than I expected

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