Phuket: beaches, motorbikes, monkey bites and dancing

IMG_9647Phuket is one of the islands in Southern Thailand, where many tourists go to enjoy a holiday due to many things to do and the endless amount of beaches and see. IMG_9318

I had planned this long weekend as I had a few personal days to take at work and the flights were extremely cheap. It all started by staying at my friend’s house the night before then racing to the airport at the early hours of the morning to board a plane to Phuket. The journey was pretty uneventful except receiving a breakfast meal for an hour flights and seeing incredible views of the sunrise as we were landing on to the island.

Getting to our guesthouse from the airport was a bit of a hassle because you either have to get a private taxi with set prices or a mini van, which is cheaper but you have to wait until it’s full before they will take you to your destination. Sooo… After waiting nearly an hour, we decided to hop in a private taxi and pay the ridiculous price.
After checking into our guest house, where there was a double bed plus a short sofa bed for three of us, we hired out some motorbikes. This was an interesting experience because they were clearly old bikes which hadn’t been used for years with different problem with each one. However, they turned out to be reliable and cheap – 150 baht for a whole day.IMG_9392
We drove over to the Luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel with a plush pool giving a great beach view to meet some friends of one of the girls I was with. They hired out motorbikes, which they both crashed in the first 5 minutes of being on them. We had lunch in Patong before driving to Karon beach to dip in the ocean and lay in the hidden sun but there were many people parasailing, which was fun to watch. Before heading back to our guesthouse to get ready for the evening agenda, we wandered around a market, where one of the guys got homemade ice-cream curls.IMG_20150626_165201
In the evening, we enjoyed a night along the party street in Patong, Bang La Road. My senses were going crazy with bright lights in every direction this wide, long street packed with clubs and bars. There were street performers, dancer in the bars, loud pumping music, promoters and ping pong advertiser everywhere. It was definitely an experience, which every traveller should enjoy if they are in Phuket. Drinks were cheap in most bars. We found a bar just off the Main Street but under the shelter, which had cheap buckets. After chatting to the owners, we played a hammer game, where you had to hit a nail into a large round wooden block in one go. We were all pretty bad at it but it was so fun and we did get better the more we played. For one game, one of the owners brought us a shot as she hit the nail in one. We met and chatted to fellow travellers, two from America and three from Australia, where we drank shots, beers and several buckets. The rest of my night consisted of dancing on bars and in the streets as well as trying to be conned by a ladyboy playing connect 4.  IMG_20150626_172205
The following day, we jumped on our motorbikes and pretty much drove the whole of Southern Phuket to admire all the attraction. Starting at Kathu waterfall to Phuket town for lunch nothing special to see here), to the big Buddha on the mountain (the drive was crazy) with beautiful view of the Island, where I tasted one of Thailand specialities ‘coconut and mango ice-Cream sandswich with nuts. Heading next to Rawai beach, where we passes several elephants, to the sunset view point with more incredible views over the water. Here, two Thai university girls stopped us to chat to them, where we learnt that they taught themselves to speak English from YouTube and films. Zooming back through the windy roads and the sun setting, we planned our next few days.IMG_20150626_151525
As none of us had been to a Cabaret Show, we thought that would be our evening entertainment. ‘Simon’s cabaret show’ is one of the most popular on the island and it didn’t disappoint even if I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was full of sparkling costumes, music from around the world, different dancing, comedy parts with pillow boobs all performed by ladyboys. The part that I particular enjoyed was a song about different Disney characters with attitude.IMG_20150626_123059
Waking up early for our booked tour of some of the surrounding islands including Koh Phi Phi, we were definitely not ready for what the day was going to entail. After being picked up and taking to Phuket town, we had some snacky breakfast and an ear-full of instructions, warnings and ‘promotions’. Most of which were overpriced for tourists. Once the speed boat was jammed packed with people, we started on our first cruise to our first destination: Maya Island. It is a beautiful island with a golden beach and high white dusty coves, which made the scenery incredible. We didn’t have long here so after taking a few snaps and dipping in to the ocean, we hopped back onto the boat. IMG_9466
Next on the agenda was monkey cave and monkey island. This is when the mood of the day takes an unexpected twist. Monkey cave is just a picturesque view, which no photo could ever do it justice. Floating up to monkey island, we could see the masses of monkeys running around. The person we booked our tour with recommended to take biscuits to the monkeys instead of nuts as they ‘get bored’ of the same thing. Approaching the little beasts were slightly scary with them moving so fast. Suddenly, two of the monkeys started clawing each other and fighting. Some of the others on the boat moved back towards the vehicle but after a couple of minutes it seemed to stop. However, on strutted up to my friend scratched her, totted off for a moment and came back for more. He dug his teeth just below her knee. We were in shock. What has just happened? With her being in hysterics, we helped her back onto the boat.

After discussing with the tour guide about our next step, the best move was to go to the hospital on Koh Phi Phi. Before that, we had a chance to snorkel in the open water, where I saw array of different fishes and coral but it just didn’t feel right enjoying myself.
In the hospital on Koh Phi Phi, we knew that my friend needed to have some injections against any disease the monkey might of had. She was taken into a room with another bed, where she was asked some questions and told what would happen next. Basically she was revealed slowly that she would have six injections: three in the arm, one in each hip and one under the bite. We knew she was not the best person with needle but even I, who don’t mind them in the slightest would have been in pain. I had to walk away from looking at the one that was put under the wound as I felt faint. It was disgusting! The long needle was bend and as they were squirting the liquid, the nurse was moving the need aggressively side to side under the skin. It was not a sight to be watched. The staff there were clean but the only thing was that they didn’t wear gloves, which was so hygienic. One thing I found odd was that another patient had come in the room with two friends, while the injections were taken place.IMG_20150627_112334
After the ordeal and some miscommunication, we found out the hospital fee was 16000baht (£320), which they wanted us to pay upfront especially as the guide thought it would only be 3000baht. The whole hospital process was pretty fast taking about an hour and a half, but the other people on the tour were waiting for us after they had there lunch. Luckily, our tour guide provided us with a take away box of food. IMG_20150627_111003
The rest of the day was a bit of a blur and uneventful compared to the monkey business. We rode to the next island, where we sat on the beach in the sun eating fruit and drinking fizzy, which was provided by the tour. From here, we headed back to our hostel before checking out the night market to get dinner. After, we enjoyed a drink at the bar from a previous night, where we became friendly with the owners.
The following day was an uneventful journey travelling back home in Bangkok.

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