24 hour rush… Leaving the country suddenly!


Sunset along the Mekong River in Vietiane

My title sounds pretty drastic… well, it kind of how it went…

I am currently sitting in Tescos food area by On But BTS, Bangkok, just finishing up my fish noodle soup. Waiting for my unexpected trip to Lao, I’m feeling excited to explore a new place but also apprehensive about sorting out my visa. This is why I am suddenly leaving the country.

Winding back 24 hours… I was watching my sports team at school, practicing their cheer when an unknown caller rang me: it was my agent. Basically they rang to say that they hadn’t processed my work visa in time due to not advising me to have my medical certificate two weeks in advance. I was two days out. My visa runs out next week.
“You have to leave the country tomorrow.”
24 hours and I have to plan a trip out of the country, pack, sort out paperwork, write notes and make PowerPoint’s for two days worth of lessons plus teach a whole day at school. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it but somehow with my super organise mind, I did.

After some research, I figured out I could either go to Lao, sort out my visa, stay the night and leave or stay an extra few days, be tired and explore. Guess which one I’m doing. Part of the reason I came here was to travel so why not. It’s not costing that much more to do those extra days.

Let’s start this adventure and see how it runs. Sometimes the unplanned, spontaneous things are the most memorable.

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