Koh Phangan: second round of this stunning island and the Full Moon Party » IMG_5106


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One of my favourite things to do whilst travelling is Scuba Diving! 🌊🐟🐠🐡🦀 ~ This was me a few months ago on the beautiful island of San Andres in Colombia admiring the fish and statues under water. 🇨🇴 ~ What are some of your favourite thing to do while travelling?
I have driven in some crazy places around the world, but one of my favourites was driving a 4x4 along sand on Fraser Island in Australia with the beautiful beach just there. 🏖️🚙 ~ What incredible places have you driven in? Comment below.
The beauty and history in Europe facinates me. It's a continent I love exploring! 🏞️🏰 ~ Recently, I booked my next trip for the summer holidays, which is to Europe. Excited is an understatement! ✈️ ~ Where is your next trip to? Comment below
I love finding hidden gems in different countries as I travel. This is a hostel called Casa en el Aire on the side of a cliff with incredible views of the mountains in Colombia. Here, you can zipline to the hostel, do a big swing from the huts or lie in a hammock in the air. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. 🏞️ ~ Where are your favourite hidden gems whilst travelling? Comment below so we can encourage others to go to these places too!
When I'm in different places, I like to try different food and restaurants. 🌯🍛 ~ With this incredible view in Jericó and picnic tables, I had the most delicious veggie burger and fries. Of course, dessert is a must with a chocolate moose. ~ Where have you eaten with an unexpected landscape? Comment below ~ In the bio, there is a blog post about what you can do in this local Colombian village: Jericó
Getting up early after a bad night of camping to the highest point in Antioquía, Colombia on Páramo Frontino was totally worth seeing this incredible view! 🌄⛺⛰️ I was literally flying above the clouds. - Where were you when you had to get up super early, but it was worth the effort? Let me know in the comments.