Trip to Cambodia: Nothing ever goes as planned! 

IMG_3467After the easier than expected re-entry visa process, two of us started our trip to Cambodia.

First, we headed to the main train station in Bangkok to depart for our four and a half hour journey to the border of Cambodia. It was a standard ride with hard seats, sweat dripping and wind blowing in our faces. On the train, we met a lovely Thai ladies, who didn’t speak any English but she was constantly smiling at us. When she brought some food for herself, she offered both of us an hard boiled egg. As she departed the train, she frantically waved goodbye. This is exactly my experience of Thai people: they are so friendly, welcoming, generous and want to constantly help you. What better country to be in.

Eventually after a three hour delayed journey, which the train was typically working in thai time, we left the station on a tuktuk to the Poipet boarder. After a quick and easy transition between countries, we entered into a loud, bustling, bright town full of casinos, bars and mountains of people at nine in the evening. We travelled to Siem Reap for about two hours in a taxi with two guys from Korea.

Then started our Cambodia challenges: first, we randomly stopped off on the side of the road to pick up a young lady, who was squeezed into the back with us. The ride suddenly got extremely uncomfortable.

Next, the taxi driver has no idea where our hostel that we booked was. After driving around for an hour and asking several people, we got dropped off at the right place. By thus time, it was half eleven.

When we spoke to the lady at the counter, which we had to wake up, she informed us that there was no room in the dorm we booked and that there was no where else to stay. Also, we discovered that it was the Cambodian New Year so all accommodation would be full. Exhausted and tired from the journey, I convinced her that there must be someone in her hostel where we could rest our heads for the night. She took us up to the huge main dorm, which looked like a warehouse, provided us with fold out bed and pillow. Looking around, I soon discovered that there were mosquito nets on every bed; this was going to be an interesting night. I went back down the metal, dangerous stairs to find a sheet. Somehow I managed to get some sleep even with mosquito’s buzzing around, feeling hot and sweaty, loud music blaring from the streets and dogs barking at the crack of dawn.

To top it off, my friend woke up with a red spots all over her body and face, which we suspect is flea or bed bites. I think we will search for a new place to stay while here.

Let’s just say, I will remember this introduction to Cambodia.

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  1. Anne Banfield
    May 18, 2015 @ 08:41:01

    Oh no Jess!! Hope your friend gets treated for her bites!! How exhausted you must both be!! But well done in getting a “bed” for the night. Love and prayers xx Anne


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