Koh Phangan: motorbikes and beach

IMG_3372With our alarms waking us early and one of the girls feeling awful, we awaited our ride to the port. A couple sat next to M, which was unfortunate as she was throwing up throughout the journey in the van. Bobbing along in the ferry, we soon arrived to our destination: Koh Phangan.

Two of us knew we wanted to get back to Hua Hin the next day so we searched out our option. While bouncing from one desk to the next, M was still feeling so rough, so she grabbed her bags and shouted to us ‘I’ll find you in Cambodia!’ In a blink of an eye, she had disappeared. Looking back, this was a hilarious things to say as Cambodia is so big and we probably wouldn’t have many ways to contact each other.

From our options, we decided to stay on the island for the day and night, then hitched a ride back the next morning. IMG_3390After finding out prices of taxis, the cheapest transport would be to hire out a motorbike. Speeding through the country lanes on the windy, hilly paths, we found some accommodation   at the beach in Haad Salad. The island was smaller than we thought (well I knew it was smaller than Koh Samui but it’s tiny compare to that) because we were driving for 45 minutes and rode half the island.

After scoffing some food, we laid on the beach to nap and swim in the sea. The beach was beautiful, with long boats and clear blue water where you could see fish swimming around. It was slightly overcast but when the sun came out, it was scorching hot.  It was a pretty relaxing day. In the evening, we ate at a restaurant, which I have to say is the first food in Thailand that I did not enjoy. I’ve ordered it before so knew I would like it but this was bland, under cooked.

IMG_3406The next day was an early start, where we drove our motorbike back to the port, booked our ticket to get back to Hua Hin and had a delicious western breakfast: fried egg, salmon and English tea. My first cup since being here. I appreciated it so much.  Eventually after a long journey on a ferry and coach, we arrived back to Hua Hin to meet all the others to start the Songkran celebrations.

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