Travelling to Koh Samui: beach and bars

IMG_3155   Three of us decided to take a trip down to some of the islands as we had a few day before Songram started, which we wanted to celebrate with our group. 

After heading to a night market in Hua Hin, we took a tuk tuk to the train station. Anxious about what to expect on the 225bt over night train, it slowly pulled up. Finding our designated seat was simple as the guard were helpful. It was a simple, clean coach, full of thai people. Opposite us were a couple with a cute, little, fluffy dog. It wasn’t going to be easy to fall asleep but after tossing and turning and trying differnt positions, I finally got some interrupted sleep. More than I expected as well. IMG_3170

When we arrived in Surat Thani station, there were masses of promoters hoarding us to their coach to take us to Koh Samui. The journey to the ferry station took us long than I first though it would. This was probably due to the amount of unnecessary stops. Next, we boarded the huge ferry that overlooked on the beautiful view of the sea and scattered, little islands. 

Soon enough, we were wandering on the island turf to find accomatation for the next few days. We found a magnificent hut literally on the beach, which revealed the sea view from our door. Inside had two large mattresses, which we put together, a fan and plug sockets.IMG_3169

Due to the lack of sleep, we just laid on the beach, swam in the sea and walked along the golden sand, which ran through our toes.

In the evening, we grabbed some thai food and beers at our place before searching for the nightlife of Koh Samui. Unfortunately the area we were in only had restaurants and bars but that was good enough for us.  While enjoying a cocktail at one restaurant, I was chatting to the waiter, where hewas teaching  me some thai. Wandering the streets, I noticed several stands selling beers and cocktail. This would not happen in England. There were many young children out late at night with their parent. This seems to be quite common in South East Asia. I ended up talking to one family, practicing my thai. IMG_3172

Suddenly loud music and bright light surrounded my vision. Somehow we were in the red light district of Koh Samui with several round pods like you would find at the circus and a Muay Thai ring. Girls dancing around poles and on platforms in the centre of these pods while drinks are served around the edge. Tourists scattered around tables laughing together and watching them. It breaks my heart to see that girls have to dance in short shorts and low cut top to earn money. They will talk , play games and flirt with men to receive more dosh. From observation, they don’t like it if a foreigner tries to speak to these men as they are taking away their customers. Most of the time, the tourist just lay back in their seats just watching, not interacting. 

Opposite was a McDonalds and I couldn’t resist some fries with the delicious cheesy dip. After, we met some Italians, who were a range of ages from 20-60. We jumped on the back of their motorbike and took us back to our accommodation. As we were on the beach, we decided to take a swim in the warm sea. It was lush. One of the Italians decided to swing my friend around in the sea, which was amusing. Another guy, who was in his fifties, tried to kiss  one of my friends. I suppose that what happens when people drink. He didn’t succeed but it was funny to watch. Later, I discovered that my two friends got in the shower room together to run away from him.

It was definitely time to sleep.


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