Koh Samui: motorbikes, waterfall, zip lining, 4×4 driving and elephant trekking

Today has been my favourite day in South East Asia so far. It was definitely not planned, activities just sort of happened. This post is going to be full of photos and not so much writing.

IMG_3329To start the day we hired out motorbikes, which I was extremely excited about. I have never driven a motorbike (well, except a friend’s bike a few days earlier to a 7/11). It was harder than expected and even by the end of the day I still wasn’t confident. If i’m going straight on a quite road then I’m okay but put traffic, turns and uneven gravel into the mix then I will fall on my face. I did, however, fall off my motorbike turning into a gravelly car park but i was going so slow that I didn’t injury myself, just scratched the bike. I had to pay for that later. To hike out a motorbike for 24 hours, it cost 150bt (approximately £3).

We decided to find a waterfall so we followed some road signs. the first waterfall we encountered was a small waterfall, but the place also had other things to do so we took the opportunity to see an incredible view, zip lining miles above ground and have a fish pedicure.

IMG_3194   IMG_3200IMG_3210  IMG_3217

After, we hopped back onto our motorbikes to search out the biggest waterfall on this island. As we arrived, there was an elephant trekking area, which we couldn’t resist, especially as the other two had never ridden an elephant before. Bumping around on the elephant as it dawdled along the dusty track, we got the chance to climb on it’s neck and stroke his head.

IMG_3252  IMG_3259

Next, we enjoyed a ride to the waterfall on a 4×4 jeep. Enjoyed might not be the correct word for it. Throwing and tossing from side to side as the engine revved up the windy, chaotic path was a scary but exhilarating experience. one of the girls flung from her seat, nearly being thrown off the vehicle altogether. Luckily the driver noticed and stopped to let her slide back onto her seat.


Once we wandered to the waterfall, we swam in the refreshing water before heading back to our hut for some food.


As we had some spare time before going out in the evening, two of us rode our bikes around Koh Samui, soaking up the sun, the beautiful views and the atmosphere.


In the evening, we had a few beers at the restaurant then caught a songtaew to the clubs. It wasn’t really a club, just an open space on the beach with loud music and a bar. On the beach area were young children trying to sell flowers and bracelets to the tourist to earn money. It saddens me that parents send out their young children as they know people are more likely to buy from children than adults. I’m not sure if these families live in poverty or know that they can get most of their income from drunk tourist. Either way, children have the right to be kids not to be working.

We met a group of people, who were living in Sweden but came from Peru. unfortunately, we didn’t get to dance as one of the girls I was with had drunk a little too much. We dropped her back home before searching for food, then staggered back on the beach shore. As we were walking, some stray dogs joined us and made sure we got back to our accommodation safely.

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