Hua Hin: Pala-U waterfall

IMG_3066  While the rest of my team started their TESOL course, three of us decided to venture to the Pala-U Waterfall about an hour away from Hua Hin. After a windy, rocky drive, we had arrived at the waterfall. Our songtaew driver stayed in the car park as we wandered around.

Pala-U Waterfall is a spectacular place and definitely worth a trip. There is five levels with huge boulders to climb and dusty track to hike. The walk wasn’t as bad as I first thought it would be so ended up in bare feet. Beautiful views were among us with splattering of water falling from high rocks to form a gushing waterfall.

We headed straight to level five, which was the furthest away from the start. Climbing over the lake on slippery rock seemed a bit of a mission to get to the area we wanted to rest our legs. Behind us was a deep, large pool of water with a group of Thai guys splashing and cliff jumping. I wanted to do that. After merging myself into the freezing water, I soon started chatting to them. With me speaking minimal Thai and them speaking a little english, we managed to find out about each other. They convinced me that the water was deep enough to jump into. Here goes. My heart racing as I started to climb up the cliff with the help of these Thais. Standing at the top, looking down on the water was a slightly scary thought but I do love an adrenaline rush. Could I do this?IMG_3121

Neung… Song… Saam…

I think I probably screamed at the top of my lungs but I kept my eyes open as I fell.

Splash… I was deeply submerged into the lake. Quickly, I pushed myself up to grasp for air. That was incredible. After the first initial time, I Cliff jumped a few more times with one of the girls I came with, still communicating and learning a little more Thai from the other group. They wanted to take a photo with us. This typically happens in Thailand as they think white people are beautiful. If you are partially pale, you will get asked wherever you go. Thay phaph!

In front, there was a short rock slide that dropped into a waterfall. Several children were playing around, flipping, jumping and sliding. Once they had moved away to a different area, we decided to sit on the slippery rocks and slide into the waterfall. I thought the easiest way to be at the top again would be to swim through the waterfall and mount onto the rocks at the side. It was not. However, using all my arm strength, I managed to pull myself up without sliding back down.

When we we ready to leave this level, I wrapped my towel round me with my bag to hike back down. Carefully, I tried to walk over the slimy rocks but failed. I slipped into the water. It was hilarious. Luckily my things didn’t get too wet. We lounged around several levels admiring the picturesque scenes and receiving some rays before heading home for the day. IMG_3081

On the way back, we were talking to some European guys, who were shocked at the fact we went in a songtaew to the waterfall. They informed us that it was so much cheaper to hire out a motorbike. Next time though.

It’s amazing to see Thailand’s beauty in all form as well as having an adventure.

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