Farewell England, Hello Thailand!

As I sit on the coach for the first leg of my journey, I still can’t quite believe I’m actually doing this!

The last week has been a total whirlwind. Six days ago, I was saying farewell to South Africa and the ICS family I have been around for the past 3 months. Filled with emotions while hugging the Creche owners, teachers, my team and other beautiful people I met. 

Since, I have been back in England; catching up, hanging out and sharing stories with my friends and family. It was a swift hello and goodbye. I am totally blessed to have encouraging and loving people in my life. 

While packing today, I felt a mix of emotions while praying and listening to worship music. Do I want to leave? Do I want to be back in South Africa? Should I stay in England a little longer? How do I feel about my next adventure in Thailand?

I can tell you that I am feeling excited about what the next six months holds and the people I will meet; nervous about not knowing the details or God’s exact plans for me. However, I know that God has walked this path before me, he will protect me and be my side throughout this adventure. Over the last few months, God has shown me in wants me in Thailand. 

Over the next six months, I will be in Thailand teaching, not sure where or which age group but i will be in this beautiful country. Once I arrive in Bangkok, I will be taken to a hotel to start meeting people, who have also stepped out of their comfort zones. Then on Sunday, we will be taken to Hui Huan, where we will have out orientation to get ready. Majority of people will be staying to complete a TESOL course, however as I’m already a teacher, I’m having three to four weeks travelling time before starting a teaching job in May. I have kind of a journey planned to travel but it might all change. Hopefully I will be visiting Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos but we will see. 


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  1. Anne Banfield
    Mar 30, 2015 @ 08:02:37

    Wishing you well Jess, very brave and very exciting, thinking of you, love and prayers, Anne B. Xx


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