Durban’s Ushaka Marine World

IMG_1204On one of the weekends in Durban, a group of us went to Ushaka Marine World, which I would totally recommend. In the morning, after travelling to the beach by SA taxis, we were excited about entering the park. The weather was over clouded but we were still going to have fun.

The sea world and water park cost 200R for both parts.


Dolphin Show

As we strolled in, we were being filled we excitement. First stop was the dolphin show. I was literally jumping up at down. I had never seen a dolphin and they were one of my favourite animal. I even have one tattooed on my ankle. Once we had sat down in the arena with the pool in front of us. Loud music played were we could dance to get a chance to meet a dolphin. We were up on our feet, making the moves (not very well I might add), which a video camera reflected all the different people dancing on a large screen. We saw 7 dolphins in total, doing flips; jumps; splashing the audience; throwing junk in a bin. It was incredible and well worth watching.

After, we found the Penguins, swimming around the tank and staying on a berg. They were so cute.


Shark Dive

Three of us wanted to get out of our comfort zone and risk doing shark diving. Yes sharing diving. We could do it at UShaka. With out swimming thing on and our goggles on our face, we climbing into the cage with holes in, floating on the shark pool. We were pulled across, where we could dunk into the water to see the Sharks. They were so close to us, touching the cage, swimming around. What an incredible sight and experience. The time went so fast.

We explored the aquarium next, which was a massive centre full of different sea creatures from fish to jellyfish to sharks to crab. I love just gazing at God’s creation and the intricate detail of each fish. The huge stingrays were my favourite, watching them spread their wings and glide around the tank.IMG_1397

The other side of the park was the wet n wild water slides. We ran around like children climbing up stairs and sliding down. There were so many different slides including scary high steep slides; casual raft floating slides, group floats, fast, bumpy slide. It was so much fun and for an adrenaline junkie, it was amazing.IMG_1348

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