Durban, South Africa: What I will miss 

Over the last 10 weeks, I have been leading a team in Durban, South Africa and we have been volunteering in unregistered Creches in the inner-city. I’ve had the most incredible time and here are a few things I will miss:

– My amazing team of 6 girls


– Building relationship and working with the creche owners and teachers

– Glenridge church

– Beautiful sights

– Waking up to a view of the city of Durban

-Being able to go bare foot all the time

-Hippo hide hostel

– Walking into the Creches where a group of children run up to you to give you a massive hug


– Being creative in the Creches

– Children dancing and singing for assembly time

– The amazing beach

– The inspiring and joyful people around me

– City Celebration crew

– South African accent

– Learning IsiZulu

– Appreciation from the creche teachers


– South African words – braai, robots, just now, lekker, Eish, yebo, ibo,

– Clicks from the Zulu language

– Dancing with my team

– Aromat on food

– Cheap Nandos meals

– Chaka Laka

– Loud taxi rides

– Friendly South Africans

– Amazing animals


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