Durban: Week 4/5 in the Creches

The past two weeks have been very hectic, but productive!IMG_1033

Ahighlight has been painting. As a team, we have taken time to paint two of our ECD centres. This has been hard work and time consuming, but very rewarding. We have seen the ECD centres transformed by painting the walls light colours and paining bright animals, flowers, and rainbows on the walls. In particular, the team enjoyed using the children’s handprints to make the leaves of a tree in the main hall of Carmenellos.

In Carmenellos, ES and N have been mainly focused on painting. However, they have also had the opportunity to teach while a teacher has been unwell. They have also completed their policies, and presented them in a folder to the owners. Both ES and N were taken aback by how grateful they were for this. Finally, they have also started to plan a vegetable garden in the outdoor space available.IMG_1097

ES and N have also been teaching in Disneyland, and continue to encourage the children to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating. Relationships have also really improved between the staff and volunteers, which is making it a lot easier for the pair to begin to plan creative lessons.

In Wondercare, AW and S have also completed all necessary policies, and continued to teach CIMCI. The pair have also continued to make teaching aids – this is proving to be very time consuming. The parent notice board has been painted in the entrance, and parent information booklets have been completed and printed. AW and S have become very involved in the upcoming events of the ECD centre. This has included helping to plan a parents information evening and typing the agenda. There is also an upcoming trip to the seaworld that AW and S have also written permission slips for, and are planning to teach a lesson in preparation as well as going on the trip.IMG_1082

AW and S have seen great progress in Praise. After teaching a lesson on washing hands, the children have all been washing their hands with encouragement from the teachers which has been very encouraging to see. They continue to see an increase in kindness in the ECD centre, and children continue to appear happier. They also had the opportunity to run a sports day which was great fun for the children and staff.

A and SF finally finished the report for Little Noah’s Ark – woo!!! The report took a while for them to do as they wanted to ensure that all the information included was encouraging, accurate and informative. Now that they have finished this, the next step is go through with the crèche owner what they could do to improve the crèche to one day reach registration. Other than this, the girls have also taught two CIMCI lessons as well as generally helping to teach the children. As they are the first group to go into the crèche, Agnes and Sara are pleased that they have built a good relationship with the crèche and they hope that future teams will be able to benefit from this.IMG_0890

I have been able to visit all the ECD centres, supporting and encouraging the volunteers and staff as well as teaching a variety of lesson and having meetings with the owners. In the afternoons, she has been doing paperwork and administrating tasks for the team including writing many lessons in music, PE, Phonics; resourcing mountains of worksheets for the teachers, planning training sessions and other bits and bobs.

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