Durban: beach, taxi, church and relaxation

IMG_0160 On Saturday, most of the South African team took a trip to the beach. Our trip down to SunCoast North beach was an interesting one. We decided to get a ‘taxi’, which essentially is a mini bus for anyone to get in with no direct route. This is a cheap way to get around. The driver likes to fit as many passengers as possible so it was definitely a squeeze. The drive was a bit mental with the taxi swerving left and right, not really taking any notice of the traffic lights. Inside the vehicle was loud music banging out the speakers with the conductor on the look out for more people to squash in. We had to take 2 taxis to get there, but I thank God that we arrived safely even if us UK volunteers were feeling slightly scared.


Feeding monkeys

We walked through the SunCoast centre to find an amazing view of the beach. We met up with the other groups. It was fun to dip our feet in the ocean, stroll along the promenade and watch a gang of monkeys attempt to scavenge food from bins. I enjoyed some raspberry frozen yogurt and sweets in the blazing hot sun. The sea was a lot rougher than English waters but it was lovely chasing the waves. In typical British fashion, us UK lot spent the evening comparing our sore red backs and shoulders and wishing we’d applied more sun lotion.

The next day, we embraced our new pancake morning tradition, and spent the rest of the day relaxing around the pool, cooling down in the water and getting to know each other a little be more. Some volunteers have also been teaching others how to swim, as well as trying to learn some Zulu phrases.


We attended Glenridge church in the evening, and thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming and vibrant community.


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  1. Wade Weirdson
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 06:06:46

    You guys had an awesome taste of Durban. Can’t believe you did so many things in a day!


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