FINISHED: Things I want to do before January

These were all the things I wanted to do before starting my adventure abroad. As you can see I’ve completed most of them but not all of them (I will try to complete some more when I’m back for a few days).

1. Go to bingo
2. Go to the dogs
3. Go camping
4. Get a tattoo
5. Get a piercing
6. Go hitch hiking
7. Sleep under the stars
8. Visit 5 museums
9. Visit a castle
10. Go go-karting
11. Be a bridesmaid
12. Donate blood
13. Go to the theatre (Les Miserable)
14. Go on a bike ride
15. Do a car boot sale
16. Bake a rainbow cake
17. Have a movie marathon
18. Skinny dipping
19. Take a photo every hour for one day
20. Make a face mask
21. Do a ready steady cook or come dine with me evening
22. Eat cake without using my hands
23. Do tie-dying
24. Learn a new song on guitar
25. Go to Thorpe park or Alton towers
26. Watch the sun rise/sunset
27. Use a fake name at Starbucks
28. Host afternoon tea
29. Go fruit picking
30. Go roller skating
31. Write a letter and send it to someone random
32. ‘Post it note’ a car
33. Leave flowers on the door of a friend’s house anonymously
34. Go quad biking
35. Go jet skiing
36. Skate in a skate park
37. Make ice tea
38. Eat fresh eggs straight from a chicken
39. Do a puzzle
40. Watch a movie outside
41. Go to Arundel
42. Learn to juggle
43. Learn Spanish
44. Make homemade bread
45. Make homemade pizza
46. Drive a car in another country
47. Stand on the top of a car in public
48. Do a chocolate workshop
49. Go to the casino
50. Make chocolate truffles
51. Rock climbing
52. Escape Brighton challenge
53. Fundraise £800 for Tearfund
54. Watch a whole box set
55. Play volleyball
56. Swim in the sea
57. Climb Mount Fuji
58. Watch a baseball game
59. Go to Japan
60. Experience an onsen naked
61. Go to Bulgaria
62. Go to a zoo
63. Mission trip to Zimbabwe
64. Read a trilogy
65. Try a new sport
66. Write over 100 post on my blog
67. Port and cheese evening
68. Get a massage
69. Go ice-skating
70. Eat with chopsticks
71. Feed a giraffe
72. Teach A level students Maths and Business
73. Umpire a netball match
74. See a baby elephant up close
75. Ride a truck in a game park in Africa
76. bargain in a market
77. Do Red Frogs events
78. Go to Barcelona
79. Go to a gig in London
80. Go to Winter Wonderland
81. Play on inflatables
82. Make a gingerbread house
83. Salsa dancing in Spain
84. Watch a Flamenco show
85. Go to a Mexican restaurant

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