Bulgaria: food, market and hanging out


As we laid our head on our pillow in the early hours of the morning, we leisurely did our morning duties of showering, dressing and preparing for the day.

About midday, we met up with the two English girls from the previous day in McDonalds and grabbed some food. This was the sort of day where we hopped from one food establishment to another. We had all seen most of the city from the free walking tour so we causally wander around aiming to go through the market.

On the way, we ended up stopping at a lovely, little cafe along the Main Street, where I had a delicious berry sort of cheesecake dessert and an orange juice.


Eventually we arrived at the Lady’s market, where it sold a few clothes, electronics but mainly food. I found that Bulgaria had several markets around that was specialised in selling one particular thing e.g. book, souvenirs, food. This market wasn’t anything special: there were stalls in the street with tarpaulin over them. As we all markets, I always keep my bag close to my body.

While dawdling back to the main centre, we decided that we wanted a some traditional Bulgarian pasties so we found a little place with a window selling cheese and spinach pastries. They tasted amazing but extremely fatty. It cost about 30p for this huge cheese pastry. It was so large that I couldn’t finish it (it probably didn’t help that I had already eaten quite a lot already).


As we were tired and it was cold we walked back to our hostel, where we chatted, played pool and hung out with a bunch of travellers: an Australian girl and guy, an American guy and a Canadian girl. Once we had found out about each other, we slouched in the comfy area for most of the rest of the day, where we filled, played scrabble and listened to music.

We did, however, venture out in the cold to eat dinner at a Traditional Bulgarian restaurant, where we thought there would be dancers, but unfortunately not. The food was lovely and used typical Bulgarian ingredients: cheese, spinach, potato.




The Australian guy had been travelling for 2 years and had been to every European country. He took with him a cuddly toy Koala called Kevo, where he took photos of him at each destination. Kevo was so cute and I thought this was such a good idea.


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