School fees in Zimbabwe


I have recently come back from Zimbabwe, where I taught in a Secondary School. I met some amazing pupils and teachers. I still have the joy to chat to them on a daily basis through Whatsapp.

I was sadden today when I was talking to a form 3 (equivalent to year 10) student today in Zimbabwe. I knew that it was a legal requirement to go to school but the families have to pay school fees. It works out about £40 a month per student. That’s nothing in our society, where we earn double or triple this in a day!

However, to these families it is everything. Only 10% of the country are employed so the others have to scrape money from anything they can sell. Most people won’t buy things off them as they can’t afford it themselves. These people live in tiny one room houses, where they are six or seven people living in them. They live in poverty.

When chatting to her, she was saying that she is currently not allowed to go to school as her Mum has no money to pay the fees. All she wants to do is learn. This brings tears to my eyes. Apparently schools think that money is more important than the pupils.

She asked me to come back to teach her.

I know I have made a difference in their lives and helped those in need.

You can too.

Donate here and you will be helping me go to South Africa to help children like these. All they want to do is learn.

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