Zimbabwe: course ceremony, teaching and Lake Chivero Friday

(Friday) Once we had breakfast and stumbled into the main hall to have a devotional time, we commenced with our last day of the courses. Throughout the week, I was involved with teaching the health course, where we covered:
– HIV and AIDS
– Chlorea
– Typhoid
– First Aid
– Stings and bites
– Arthritis
– Ebola
– Diabetes

During the course, there were 20 woman ranging in ages from 18-60. We split in two groups, where five of the team were leading the groups. One lady, who is a nurse, sorted out all the material before we came but we also ended up teaching extra. I personally learnt a lot during the week as I didn’t have much knowledge on these topics. The women that attended listened carefully, collected any sheets and asked questions. We realised that some of them didn’t know much, which was a little worrying.

The last session was giving them information about natural remedies and alternative medicines, which they can make themselves out of household products. Then they had a kind of test to see how much they remembered.

After the health course, I taught form 3 maths about multiplication matrices. The layout of the lesson started with three questions that covered the areas in the previous lessons then I taught the pupils how to multiply matrices. I gave them a few questions, where they worked with their partners to answers then individuals explained and showed the class their answers. One girl, who came up to the blackboard, gave her answer while trying to make the class laugh.

Next, I was taken to Form 4b to teach them the same lesson that I taught the day before to the other Form 4 class about sentence structures. This class were slightly more rowdy but once I started the lesson, they were focused and participated.

Once I had finished, I headed in to the hall to be part of the course celebrations. The chairs were set in rows facing the stage with a table and chairs round it. The team plus the minister sat on the stage. We called out each name and, shook their hand, gave them a certificate and took a photograph of each participant. They all smiled with glee like we were giving them a stick of gold. They were all proud of themselves. We celebrated after with tea and cake, which was a luxury for them.



After lunch, we drove to the Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary, which is situated on Lake Chivero. As we walked in, several budgies perched on a low tree in the open air welcomed us, saying ‘Hello’. One of the team decided to put out their hand to the bird and it shook the hand. He also started to bounce up and down and nod his head and the budgie just copied him. It was hilarious. We wandered around the area, where we found zebras, horses, some birds, beautiful sight of the lake. Then we relaxed and had some tea.





Once we finished, we were going to go to the dam but we found that we missed a big section, where their were loads of different birds so we decided to stay and explore. When we finished the trail, we watched a bird show they put on. We saw owls and other birds flying and catching food and the owner described the different birds. I got the opportunity to put on a glove and have an owl fly to me. After the show, we stayed to watch the sunset before leaving.









In the evening, we had sadza and vegetables with peanut butter, which is what the locals eat every day then we wrapped gifts for our guests and played cards.



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