Spiders in the toilet: Zimbabwe

Well, I feel this is going to be a recurring theme on this trip.

Where we are in Zimbabwe, there seems to be quite a few spiders. I mean, I don’t see them outside or even during the day but I do see quite a few at night.


Our first night was the funniest. One of the younger guys saw a spider in the men’s toilets and freaked out. It was hilarious, he just kept running away every time it moved. Then a few of us ladies went to sort it out. My plan was to squash it with a tissue. Not humane. Ok. Traditional method: cup and paper.

As another lady was trying to catch it. By the way, it’s not your average little spider in the bath: it’s huge. Well the body is pretty chunky but their legs are long. These spider are good at being flat but are also expert runners. They were not easy to catch.

While this was going on, I stepped back and noticed another three. For someone who is scared of them, this is there worst nightmare. However, we caught two and the others hid or ran away.

I had just got into bed, ready to fall asleep when I hear the other lady in my room being called. I thought I would get up to see what they wanted. There was a spider in their room. Not a big deal. It was much bigger than the ones in the bathroom and it was on the ceiling. Great. Climb on bed. The first time I tried to catch it I realised my cup was too small. Found a Pringles pot. As I was about to trap it, it ran to the middle of the room ceiling. I could not reach it. Thinking. Get it to move. Hitting paper on the wall seemed to work like a treat. Eventually, I trapped it and threw it through the window. What an eventful night!


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