Zimbabwe: supermarket surprise

When I went in the supermarket today in Zimbabwe, I discovered a few things. It still looked like what you would expect a supermarket would look like.


First of all, the supermarket were compact with people pushing round red, dirty trolleys that were broken. As I was browsing and glancing at the prices, they were extortionate. A tin of beans costing $1.99 or a crunchie bar $2.10. The shopping we got would normally cost £20 at the most but it cost us $60. It’s ridiculous. I really don’t understand how the Zimbabweans afford food. Most don’t have jobs and income is usually low. Actually I do know, they eat the same thing most days which is cheaper: salsa (maize) with a relish. Us westerners wouldn’t be able to survive.

I also found they sold frozen chickens feet. Weird.

One thing I did notice was the people are all part of a community. They knew each other while wondering around, chatting and having a laugh. I love this. Generally, we keep our heads down, get our food as quick as possible without talking or noticing anyone else in the supermarket.

Outside the supermarket, there are small stalls that sell fruit and vegetable. They are fresher but not any cheaper. For a sack of potato, it cost $10.

Every corner I turned, children wanted to say Hi to us in the shop because we were white.

I have to say it was an experience but not awkward like other places I’ve been.


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