First impressions: Zimbabwe

(Friday) When we got picked up from the airport, we travelled through Harare to kwazana.


From here, I started to build up my first impressions of Zimbabwe.


As we were driving, these were some of my observation:

– The roads were choc-a-block with cars
– Even though some of roads were new, there are no clear road markings or clean straight edges
– School children, who looked smart in their uniform, were walking on the edge of the main road
– There were groups of Africans from a particular cult dressed in white, worshipping at the side of the roads
– All signs are in English
– it is dusty all around
– There are just people everywhere
– There were stalls at the side of the road selling clothes, fruit and vegetable
– There are no lanes when driving so drivers weave between
– There are not really any traffic lights
– People stand in the middle of the road and sell water and newspaper


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