This is all being to look real!

Am I mad? Am I stupid? Am I confident? Is this going too far?

I have recently just got back from Japan: it was an incredible experience. Hit the ground for 10 day and depart for Zimbabwe today.

Between these trips, I had a long list of things I needed to do so I’m kind of glad I didn’t get any work.

I’m heading out on a new adventure. I decided after coming back from Portugal that I wanted to do something different: travel. I’ve been told several times, “You should travel while your young and have no commitments.” This is true. My only commitments was my job, renting a house and my car.

I finished my job in July, decided not to continue being a full-time teacher for the moment.

I already had the Japan flights booked, just had to sort out route, travel and accommodation.

I love adventures! I love getting out of my comfort zone! I love meeting new people! I love to travel! The world is my oyster!

After praying and researching and falling on to certain websites, I started planning. I am a planner (also I’m flexible in these plans). So much so that I organised the next year and a half. I maybe taking more than one year out of teaching in England.

I applied for the adventures I wanted to do, had a few interviews and everything just easily fell into place. Clearly, God has opened up amazing opportunities.

This week, I have been sorting different things for the next year including preparing assemblies and devotions, making a video, sorting out my CV, taking photos, emailing, booking flights and gathering fundraising ideas.

Another errand was sorting out my house. This is when it hit me that this is real. I live with two incredible housemates, which I am gutted to be leaving and hope that I can live with them again. I moving out of my flat in the middle of October to a friends (she is like a Mum to me) and a friend is replacing me. I have to pack up my stuff, my life, minimise it all. I haven’t got much storage space but luckily my furniture is staying in the room, the girls want to keep my DVDs and kitchen equipment so that’s less to pack.

My plan for the foreseeable future:

– Tomorrow I go to Zimbabwe for 2 weeks on a mission trip.
– From when I get back to January, I will packing, moving, attending university open days with my sister, being a bridesmaid, fundraising and doing supply teaching.
– For a weekend in November, I am going to Bulgaria with a close friend.
– In January, I will be leading a team and volunteering in South Africa for 3 months with Tearfund.
– From the end of March, I will be moving to Thailand to teach (with a bit of traveling just before the semester starts) for 6 or so months on my own with Greenheart travel.

After this, I have no idea. I will just be buying a one way ticket to Thailand so I will see where God takes me next. I have a few ideas but I will see in a years time.

I’m really excited about the next part of my life, also slightly scared (but who wouldn’t be).


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