Japanese restaurants: Fuji-Yoshida

The first proper Japanese restaurant we ate in was authentic, delicious and cosy. We were driving around Fuji-yoshida, trying to find food that wasn’t fast food or non-Japanese. We came across a little building with a lit up sign so we decided to see if it was open.


As we strolled in, we were greeted with friendly smiles. The room had different sections: we wanted to sit at a low wooden table with cushions, where we had to take our shoes off. In the middle of the table was a huge, square cooking stove: this looked interesting. The helpful staff tried to explain each dish ranging from Japanese omelettes, noddles, vegetables, tofu, cheese fondue, rice. I choose a seafood omelette, which had squid, prawns, octopus, different vegetables and an egg. The lady brought it out raw, then mixed and cooked it on the grill in front of me but she let me flip the omelette. After she squirted a sweet sauce, which tasted like honey and soy sauce, and mayonnaise: it tasted amazing. Some of my friends tried different dishes, which they cooked themselves on the grill: all extremely tasty.



Even though I was full up, I wanted to try Japanese dessert, which looked like rolled up crepes and cream. They sort of were but crispier and inside was a thick, sweet. Maybe fruity paste, which I have no idea what it was. The cream was like the marshmallow fluff you get from the America.


The whole place had a relaxing atmosphere and delicious food with kind, helpful staff (from what I’ve seen of japan most people are like this)

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