10 hour flight to Tokyo

As we queued up to board the plane at Terminal 39, the air hostess scan our ticket. Beep. “Your on the wrong flight.” Panicking, we rushed to the departure list to see where we should have boarded. Luckily, they had only just started getting on the flight.

When we boarded the correct plane, we easily found our seats. However, we were in the centre isle in the middle, which only meant we were going to annoy the person next to us every time we want to get out of our seats.

On the long journey, I didn’t sleep that much as my body clock is completely messed up. I watched several film to entertain myself.

Before the light were dulled, the hostesses served us some food. Unfortunately, they didn’t get my vegetarian order but I could just eat around the meat. The meal consisted of: vegetables, roll, salad, salmon with potato salad, cold, sticky noodles with wasabi, fruit and a tub of vanilla ice-cream.

After trying to get some sleep but failed, I got nudged as food was coming round: Breakfast. A hot tray full of sausages, spinach, scrambled egg and pancakes, a croissant, yogurt and fruit. Way too much for a breakfast. Personally, I didn’t like the hot food as it tasted funny.

One funny thing that did happen on the airplane was that my friend was putting her bag away, when a full bottle of water jumped from the bag onto a lady’s head. I burst out laughing and got a slightly disappointed look from a man.

Once we slid off the plane, we went to the toilet and there amongst western toilet, there was a Japanese squatter hole (I am not looking forward to using this). Going through passport control was a dodal with fingerprints and a photo taken. Spread out across the floor were our luggage lying there. As we came out of arrivals, we met back up with Gav, who had landed just before us.


Next, we purchased a train ticket and the waited on the platform. The hot and humidity hit us, sweat surrounded every part of my body. There was a kind man willing to help us with the train. When we step onto the train, air con blasted our faces and we sat down on these really plush chairs which spun. As the ticket guy came round, we noticed that we were on the express train so we had to pay some extra. In a panic, we got off at the next stop only to step right back onto the next train, which was like a London Underground. We had definitely been on the incorrect train.


Wandering around the spacious station and asking a Japanese train man, we eventually got a tube to Asakusa, our stop. Following the direction, we walked in the hot heat, carrying all our luggage to the a hostel. We had arrived.


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  1. thehybridmind
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 02:03:15

    Hope you’ll have a great time in Tokyo!


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