Escape and Evade challenge completed: part 3

Feeling excited about the prospect of the day ahead, we walked in the early morning sun along the Thames, London. We thought about completing our challenges. Get a photo of a famous landmark, easy. In one glance across the river, we could see the London eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament. Tick.

20140803-105711 pm-82631493.jpg

As we were dawdling, just at the side, we saw a skate park. Brilliant, we might be able to complete the next challenge – get a skateboarder to teach us a trick. Luckily and weirdly, there was a guy on his own skating in the early hours. He was happy to help us. My sister is a skateboarder so she found it easy to learn a new trick – the ragdoll. I, however, found it a little tricky. I didn’t fall off the board so that was a success. It was pretty fun and i definitely improved. The trick was basically jumping onto the board with two feet making sure it was going to continue to glide forward. Challenge 2 completed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo – just videos.

While we were walking along, the love festival was going on so there was some pretty bright displays and buses.

20140803-110619 pm-83179991.jpg

20140803-110621 pm-83181002.jpg

By this time, with our tummies rumbling, we were getting pretty pecking. Miraculously, a McDonald appeared. Inside, it was quite with no customers. I was worried that they were going to reject us but the lovely manager provided us both with a breakfast meal. Score.

20140803-110941 pm-83381866.jpg

20140803-110941 pm-83381125.jpg

We carried on with our quest to complete challenge. Next on the list – ask as many people from different countries to write ‘How are you?’ In their language. The first girls we spoke to were from Korea, which was an amusing conversation as they didn’t really understand us. They thought we were saying ‘How old are you?’ but we did eventually get them to write it down. After that we asked several other people, which felt random more than anything.

It was starting to get past rush hour. We managed to get on the underground from Westminister to Paddington, we no success from the train managers (even though they were lovely). He advised us to go to Waterloo to try there, and to our amazement, we hopped on a train to Exeter. The journey was quite long and no very eventful. Met a young lady, who was very chatty and gave us some change. When the conductor came down the train to check ticket, he just pointed and said ‘You’re sorted’, which made some of the passengers look up with confusion.

20140803-111931 pm-83971655.jpg

Thinking about the night before with no sleep, we were determined to get a place to rest our heads so we decided to head to Bristol to see if we could stay with family. After arriving in Exeter, we got rejected from one train but managed to get on the next to Taunton. These trains had a cool train tracking device to see where we were in the country. I felt just like an excited kid going on a long journey to a holiday destination.

20140804-083817 am-31097151.jpg

Standing at the platform, we had a feeling that we wouldn’t be able to get the next train. Carefully, on our phone, we scrolled through the options. Direct train, takes an hour. Bus to Weston-Super-Mere, two hours onto Bristol another two hours. We didn’t really want the long journey but thought we had no choice. However, when talking to a train person on the platform, he informed us that the train was easier and that we would be able to take the train. Sigh of relieve. The first train got cancelled, which meant there were lots of annoyed, frustrated passenger about to board the train with us. Eventually, the delayed, two carriage train took its place at the side of the platform. On the train, the conductor seemed to mumble words but only check certain passengers ticket – strange. When we got to Bristol, the bustling of people meant that it was easy to get through the barriers.

20140804-084850 am-31730276.jpg

Still one day left – hopefully we will get back home on time!

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