Escape and Evade challenge completed: Part 2

Realising that we had no-where to stay, may have made us a little anxious or even worried. However, we were excited about the next part of the journey and we knew this was part of the challenge. We still had options.

20140801-092150 am-33710812.jpg

Finding the train station was the easy part. Late at night, looking at the train timetable, we could see that there were several trains heading north. Even though the ladies at the train station were discouraging, we still thought there was no lost to ask the conductor. Trains came and went. After pleading we them, they all refused ( which, at the back of our mind, could happen). One particular train company were extremely rude to us as well as paying customers: one conductor completely ignored me and wouldn’t look or talk to me.

After several failures, we knew we weren’t going to have any luck with the trains. Wandering back to the coach station, like we were going round in circles, we discovered there was a National Express coach leaving at 2 in the morning. Perfect. We would try this.

Putting on extra clothes to accommodate with the slightly cold weather, we rested our eyes in the coach station. Unfortunately, we got kicked out as they close once all the local buses had finished their routes.

Feeling a little weary but mostly cold, we decided to go back to Travelodge to see if we hang out in their reception as the receptionist we spoken to earlier was extremely friendly. Walking around the peaceful, quiet town of Peterborough, I felt safe.

20140801-092240 am-33760372.jpg

Nervously, we pressed the buzzer for the entrance of Travelodge and the kind women let us in. Climbing to the top of the stairs, we were welcomed by a different receptionist from earlier, who offered us a cup of tea. You don’t get that sort of service anywhere.

As we slouched in the comfy chairs, a man came over to talk to us. We explained what we were doing and he generously gave us his pizza he had just brought and a little money to go towards the charity. After realising that we had no-where to stay he offered up his bed, while he would sleep in the reception area. Guilt ran across our faces. We couldn’t accepted this kind mans offer: he had work in the morning. Refusing his generous gesture, he adamantly asked us to find out the cost of the coach for all three of us on the internet. Shockingly, he gave us money to cover the cost before leaving us to go to his room. We were in complete amazement: what a generous man!

20140801-092326 am-33806040.jpg

When the coach arrived, we pleaded with the coach driver and he kindly let us on his bus. Finally, we were getting out of Peterborough. After a couple of hours of rest and shut eye, we arrived at Stansted Airport.

Pacing around the airport, we asked several coach companies but we had no luck so we looked at the train times. There was a two hour wait for the next train. Therefore, we got comfy on some airport seat and had a little nap.

20140801-055053 pm-64253706.jpg

At this point, unfortunately one of my friends decided to leave whereas the two of us carried on the journey. Next, we managed to get a train full of quiet commuters into London Liverpool Street at 6 o’clock, where we were starting to fill the effects of no proper sleep. It was time for a hot cup of tea. Yes we managed to persuade a manager of a cafe to give us one.

Knowing that public transport was going to be busy due to rush hour, we relaxed on the steps outside the station, drinking and eating a pastry from the night before. Contemplating, we decide we would try and complete some of our challenges in the centre of London.

20140801-055811 pm-64691283.jpg

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