Today is the start of my challenge

Off we go! We are just about to start our challenge to raise money for Tearfund charity.

We are going to try to get as far away from Brighton without spending any money on food or accommodation or transport.

I’m feeling nervous about it: not because of safety but I’m worried that we won’t get anywhere and all the people who have sponsored me will feel disappointed. I’m also excited about the prospect of doing this adventure.

I have been set several challenges on the way:

1. Find 5 people from foreign countries and ask them to teach you how to say ‘How are you?’ in their language – record the results.

2. Take a pen with you and exchange it for something better which you will them exchange again and again – take photos of all exchanges.

3. Get food for free then share it with a homeless person.

4. Collect as many different pens as possible.

5. Ask a skateboarder to teach you a trick – film it.

6. Find 6 bearded guys and take a group selfie.

7. Create a funny poem about you ‘experience of the day’ and post it on Facebook.

8. Take a photo with a person in fancy dress.

9. Take a photo of a famous landmark.

10. Take a photo with a famous person.

We have a vague plan but I know that we could get anywhere. Our aim is to get to Scotland. Let’s see what happens.

20140728-101751 am-37071470.jpg

This could be our last meal for 3 days (let’s hope not!)

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