Weekend in London

A few week ago, I enjoyed a weekend in London. It was not a normal tourist weekend, which I often like doing. However, the purpose of my trip was to attend an interview and hang out with some amazing friends (oh and have a long wait at clapham junction.

While planning the trip, my housemate advised me to get an early train to make sure I wasn’t late for my interview, in case something happened. Ignoring her, I took the original train. Guess what, there were signalling problems. Luckily, I arrived a few minute before time.

After my 4 hour interview, I travelled with a few other participants to Clapham. Hanging around in Costa, reading, I waited for an hour and a half for my old uni friends to meet me after they finished work. Then we got the bus to Brixon, where one of my friends lived. She cooked a delicious vegetarian lasagne while catching up about our lives. For dessert, we ate those citrus GU pudding, which were just amazing.

20140724-100213 am-36133289.jpg

Just before, two of them had to go, we got measured for a dress fitting, which was just hilarious as they want some funny measurements (length do your shoulder) and used a skipping rope to tie around our waist.

The next day, we did some standard errands and then as a house we prepared for the evenings Hawaiian BBQ party. With decorations up, food brought and prepared, costumes on, drinking being opened and BBQ hot, people started to arrive. Late but arrived. Most of the night, I was munching on cheese and pineapple sticks: I felt like I was back in my childhood.

20140724-101354 am-36834082.jpg

Even though, the sky decided to open for an hour when the BBQ was really hotting up, it was a fun, lively night, meeting and chatting with new and old friends, playing games. I ran and danced around barefoot, which was the best option as my sandals didn’t get ruined.

The morning after, we chilled with some people, who had been up all night, watching the music channels and eating pizza. Have to say, the house was in a bit of a state but not as bad as other house parties I’ve been to.

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