Hen do

A couple of weekends ago, I was celebrating a Hen do. I have enjoyed quite a few of them, all different lengths, activities, costumes and people, which makes each of them all exciting. I always find it interesting to see who has organised it and what they think the bride-to-be will love to do. It is a great time to hang out, celebrate and do something a little different.

Preparing my outfit, I had to think about the fact that we had to wear peacock colours, as well as the suitability for the days events. After some consideration, I decided to wear a green dress with tights and flat shoes. Before meeting at the hostel, I popped round a friends to get a taxi before enjoying a glass of procesco.

When we arrived at the doors of the thistle, we waited for the bride and bridesmaids to turn up in a limo, then we were taken to a quaint room with a large, long table laid out ready for the first activity: chocolate workshop. I was extremely happy that this was first on the agenda. Sitting comfortably, we watched the lady demonstrate how to make chocolate buttons. She made it look a lot easier than it was. Our task was make and decorate them with the theme of ‘breasts’ (chosen by the bride).

20140715-060439 pm-65079703.jpg
My invention

The bride had to give prizes for the best looking ones. Mine came first! Whoop! Extra chocolate for me!

After we made some truffle, where we were given ganache: we had to cut and roll it into shape; throw it into the huge bowl of melted chocolate, fish it out with a giant fork and decorate them. This was so fun to do and there were just so many options.

20140715-060834 pm-65314298.jpg
Chocolate truffle making

When our chocolate had solidified and everything was cleared up, we enjoyed a tasty cocktail.

Our next activity was in the casino a few doors down where we scoffed down a delicious and filling three course meal. I had scollops, mushroom and spinach ravioli and a rich chocolate fudge cake.

20140715-061321 pm-65601208.jpg
The starter

After letting the food settle with some bubbles, we were shown how to play blackjack and roulette at the casino. They were both easy to understand but you have a better chance of winning blackjack but there are cheaper bets on the roulette. Either way, you just gambling and it’s a game of luck. However, it was fun watching others lose or win money.

When we had decide that we had had enough, we wondered to the next place. With no real plans and a sky full of rain we scurried to a familiar pub but there was only football on TV and not the normal dance music. Huddled under a restaurants cover, we thought it would be best to go straight to the club even though it was early. With a talented, lively cover band playing, we danced the night away.

Knackered from boogying all night, we travelled back to a friends, where we munch on some snack before falling asleep on the lounge floor.

In the morning, we leisurely prepared ourselves then went for a fry up at one of the local cafés, which we have enjoyed many of times.

20140715-064557 pm-67557287.jpg
Well needed breakfast

This concludes the weekend hen do, full of wonderful activities and new experiences.


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