Teacher Strike day

I know that there are mixed opinions on whether people should strike or not.

Some say that they agree with what the unions are saying but can’t afford it. I personally think this is rubbish because if you believe in it that much, you would stand up to the government by striking. What would happen if they only gave better pensions or more pay to those who went on strike? How would they feel then about losing one day of pay?

Others say that it won’t make a difference. It definitely won’t change the governments mind, if teachers carry on doing our job like we are not bothered that teachers have increased workload.

A proportion of parents say it’s ridiculous that teachers are allowed to go on strike.
“Where will my child go?”
“I have to take a day off work!”
“How come there isn’t a fine for them but is if we take children out of school?”
“My child is losing out on their education!”

These were some of the responses I have heard today. I understand all of these comments, but the whole point of a strike is to make disruptions so that the government will notice how important teachers are.

For me, I’m going on strike even though I’m leaving the profession in the near future as I don’t feel appreciated, low staff morale and high workload and pressures, and want to travel while I don’t have commitment here. I want to stand up for teachers and see a change as I know many teachers and may come back to this career in the future (even though I don’t really want to lose a days wage).

I recently was speaking to one of my children’s parents, where they were not aware of the pressures or workload or even the amount of hours teachers do.
Here is a list of reasons why teachers are on strike:
1. Excessive workload and pointless bureaucracy – many teachers work 60 hours a week on average with a lots of these hours spend on accountability measures which don’t help children learn or promote their well being.

2. Performance related pay – this is unfair as each cohort is different and there may be a class full of Special Needs kids, where they are not going to progress as fast as others. Therefore, this means that children will be treated like robots making sure they are learning rather than their well-being or making a learning experience.

3. Pensions – teachers will be made to pay more towards their pensions, work longer and receive less when they do retire. I’m only starting my career but I cannot work as a teacher until 68. I would have a break down before then.

4. Government talks need to be about policies

5. Increase in teachers – New systems of training teachers are creating chaos and do not give them the right grounding. (I agree – I was not as prepared as I could have been). Thousand of good teachers are leaving the profession due to several reasons. There won’t be enough teachers to educate every child.

20140710-065947 pm-68387484.jpg

Striking parade


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