School Report Writing

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As the end of each academic year, reports are needed to be written for each child. At secondary school, it must be slightly easier as your scribbling down about one subject and one subject only, even though they are writing about crowds of children (they can copy and paste).

This was part of the year that I was slightly dreading, however it could not be as hard as last year. At my previous school, I had to write reports two weeks after starting to teach the class, due to reports given out earlier and me getting the job half way through the year. Looking back at the end of that year, I had totally mistaken some of the children’s behaviour (first impressions aren’t always correct). Luckily, I got the levels from the previous teacher so I didn’t need to assess them beforehand.

I knew that it would take hours and hours to compose them; about 2-3 hours per child. With 32 children, that would take approximately 70-90 hours, on top of what I currently do, which is slightly ridiculous (no social life for me). This may shock you or think I’m over exaggerating, but believe me, this is the reality of working as a primary school teacher.

In each report, I would have to:
– give an attainment and effort grade for all subjects including the foundation subjects
– write an in depth comment about reading, speaking and listening, writing and four maths areas: shape and space, using and applying, data handling and number
– write an overview or comment about all the foundation subjects
– write a comment about the child’s personal achievements and how they relate to others
– give a teachers comment at the end

At the start, the thought of writing them was completely over-whelming. I am the sort of writer, that needs to start early, plan what I want to achieve by the end of each week ( even though I did quite do this because of the busy work lives teacher have normally) and proof read my work as I can guarantee there would be mistakes, otherwise I panic so much that I wouldn’t even be able to write them.

Feeling snowed under with paper work is not the best experience, however there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. As I’m not the most confident or best writer in the world and I knew I would end up repeating comments, I created a batch of different level comment for each subject (shocker, I know) so I could copy and paste; changing names and the pronouns.

Relaxed, I re-read each report in detail, correcting every mistake the day before they were due in. I just had to print, sign and give then to the head to read and sign.

A massive wave of relieve past over me when I put the folder full of finished reports in his pigeon hole. That is one thing I’m not going to miss next year.


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