Night adventures with the sister

I loved spontaneous adventures. This evening, my sister came round to hang out.

First of all, we went on a long, relaxing, lovely seven mile walk along Brighton beach with the gorgeous sun blazing down on us. As we were chatting, it did not feel that long.


After scoffing down some food, we prepared ourselves for an evening adventure. Just before strolling back to the beach, we went to the supermarket to get some delicious snacks. I took my roller blades down whereas my sister took her skate board. We were enjoying skating along the beach with the wind blowing against us in the dark of the night. It was quite difficult skating along as the pavement was bumpy and I hadn’t ridden my skates in a year. Feeling out of breath, we decided to swap over. I haven’t place my feet on a skateboard since I was twelve so was slightly nervous but mostly excited. With my heart thumping, I stood on the board with one foot while the other pushed off. I was pleasantly surprised that I could do it quite well, slow, but steadily. Even though the board kept leaning to the left, I started to become confident. Meanwhile, my sister was speeding on the roller skates in front of me.

When we started to feel like a well deserved rest, we laid on the pebbly beach eating snacks, under the beautifully reflected moonlight.


Gliding back along the promenade, we stopped off at the skate park (I’ve never been to one so it was exciting). There were several ramps there, naturally we started off on the smaller ramps. Even at the top, it looked scary. I overcome my fear and frantically, speedily skated down. As I got to the bottom, it wasn’t smooth. My feet got caught up. I skidded. Bashing my knees to the ground, I cried with laughter; a hole in my tights appeared. It felt so exhilarating. The next few times I tried, I managed to slide down with a bit of a wobbly, but my body stayed standing.

After I thought it would be a fun idea to glide down on the skateboard. Now, I was petrified. Not feeling confident, panting, pacing backwards and forwards, I closed my eyes and just fell down. I actually managed it. Okay, so I did run off the board when I got to the dip.

Next, we drifted from slope to slope, gliding on the skateboard on our bottoms down the ramp. This was so much fun.

As it approached midnight, we climbed up hill to the pebbly beach to take a swim. Yes a swim in the English freezing cold sea in the middle of the night (actually I wanted to go skinny dipping to tick it off my bucket list). Stripping of my clothes, I noticed some movement on the promenade. With a thumping heart, I Panicked: I rushed to replace my dress. There were people walking along. Once the had gone, I removed my garments again, then ran through the gentle warm breeze, as fast as a cheetah, into the sea. I was pleasantly surprised: the water wasn’t as cold as I expected. Salt filled my nostrils; Smooth sand laid beneath my feet; I felt relaxed.

After a bit of a swim, I trotted over the pebbles to our things. Feeling itchy salt on my skin, I dressed without drying myself as I didn’t have a towel.

Finally, we got home ready to sleep.

What an adventurous, fun night!


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