A path way to a joyful life

I was reading a blog about how to be happy, the things and aspects of life that need to change to make your life a happier one. I’m still undecided whether these particular things will make a happier life.

The problem is that so many people want a ‘happy’ life. What is a ‘happy’ life? A life where nothing goes wrong: always goes your way; no arguments or disasters – that isn’t going to happen. Life throws things at you all the time, whether you predict it or not. Actually, instead, we need to be filled with joy and be at peace when these unpredictable inconveniences come along. For me, God is my peace maker; he gives me a joyful heart and helps me through every situation. For others, this may not be the case but some of the following may be the steps forward to a joyful life.

1. Find your passions – there is always going to be something that you love doing: maybe it’s a sport, travelling, helping others, craft, teaching, ICT. Whatever it is, focus and make that part of your life. You could do this as part of your job or a hobby but make time for it.

2. Find your purpose – what is your calling? Is it to have a husband and bring up children? Is it working abroad in an orphanage? Is it to work in retail? Again, whatever it is, try and plan to do this. It may not happen in the next week or month or even year but you can take slow, small steps into doing what you are called to do. Do you need to do a course? Do you need to move?

3. Be content with yourself – before even thinking about settling with someone, you need to be comfortable, strong and content with yourself. You need to know who you are – your likes, dislikes, your personality and revel in this. Be yourself. The more you enjoy being with yourself, the more other will too. You will never be happy with someone if you can cope being of your own. There is also no problem with being independent, knowing what you want as long as you are open to others coming in.

4. Be flexible – to be joyful, you need not to be ridged; following a minute by minute timetable will only cause stress. Things are going to change at the last minute. Spontaneous lifestyle will bring more smiles, joy and laughter. What’s the point in getting uptight? Learn to be relaxed and not bother if things don’t quite turn out the way you planned.

5. Surround yourself with content, trustworthy, encouraging friends – your true friends are the ones that stick by you through everything ; think and thin. They will constantly encourage you, support you through bad decisions and not mind when your feeling or looking your worst. They will be able to be open and honest about everything and even give you advice in a sensitive way. There is no point having friends that constantly put you down or not make an effort with you. It is easy to grow apart but communication is the key.

6. Talk to someone – whatever happens in your life, tell someone about it. Having that time to share your situation, how you felt about it, does the world of good. No one wants things to be eating away at them or even keeping those happy moment to yourself; share them. Find some one or several people, who will listen, maybe give you advice – you may want to chat to someone who will talk to you straight . It is best to go to these people rather that someone who will give you the advice and encouragement you want to hear. Maybe someone just needs to be blunt with you. What are you doing?

Over the pass year, I am become a more relaxed, easy going, joyful person and part of it is due to these six points. I constantly look forward to waking up in the morning, see what the day brings, build on memories and cherish every moment of every day.

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