Reflection approaching a new year

I haven’t been able to write on this blog due to the busyness of being a teacher. It has been hectic. Actually, hectic is an understatement. Yet, right now, I feel at peace and joyful as 2013 ends. It’s that time of year, where you feel that you need to reflect and mull over the things that have happened and looking to the future of the following year… The desires, dreams and wishes.

I feel that I have had the pressures which has pulled me down like a little girl drowning for those last breaths. As I sit here though, there is so much to be thankful for a God for. The people around me fill me with love and happiness. The times I have spent with them, getting to know them a little more. The new places I have seen, the beauty around me grows me to be thankful even more. The children I have taught, that have given me joy, the wonders and excitement on their faces as something has clicked. Or how they have made me proud through their passions, commitment, singing and acting. This year, I am going to praise them more each day, spend a moment to think how grateful I am for them. I just want to see them grow, enjoy learning, grasp that difficult thing. But most of all I just want them to have fun.

I don’t know or want to know what the coming year holds but I do just want to know my friends, these children and God a little deeper.

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